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Ibn Uqdah

Abul Abbas Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Saeed Hamadani (863-944A.D./ 249-332 A.H.) was the famous Shi'ite traditionist. Uqdah was the nickname of his father who was a paper manufacturer and teacher in Kufah. Ibn Uqdah followed Zaydi School and was very famous in memorizing traditions and he memorized one hundred thousand traditions and knew the text and authority of more than three hundred thousand traditions from the Holy Ahlebayt (A.S.).
He is very famous among the Shi'ites regarding the authority of the traditions. A major part of the fundamentals of the Shi'ites has been narrated by him and he is quoted extensively in the four authentic hadith compilations of the Shi'ites. Among the Sunni scholars authority on traditions like Abu Ali Hafez has praised him but some other Sunni scholars has criticized and rebuked him.
Ibn Uqdah as an authority of the traditions is well known among the Shi'ites and the adoption of traditions in the books regarding the authority of the traditions by him is also highly regarded. Te famous traditionists of Shi'ite, Sunni and Zaydi schools are included among the narrators of traditions from him like Muhammad bin Yaqub Kulaini, Abul Hasan Dar Qatni, Abul Qasim Tibrani, Abul Faraj Isfahani and others. His printed works are still extant.

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