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Ibn Atham Kufi

Abu Muhammad Ahmad bin Ali famous as Ibn A'tham Kufi (demise 926 A.D./314 A.H.) is one of the famous Shi'ite traditionist, poet and historian. There is no exact information about his birth place, There is differences regarding his name and lineage. Yaqut considers him as a Shi'ite historian but the traditionists consider his traditions as weak and say that he himself has seen the book written by Ibn A'tham. But Shushtary considers him to belong to Shafaee School and regards him as reliable among the preceding scholars.
The works of Ibn A'tham mentioned in the history books are as follows:
1 - Al-Futuh: This book is also famous with the titles "Tarikh-i Futuh" and "Futuhat al-Shaam. This book is considered as one of the most important document of the history of early Islam. In this book the author has named the famous historians and traditionists as its sources.
2 - Kitab Tarikh: This book according to Yaqut is the appendix of his first book Al-Futuh.

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