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Syed Bin Taoos

Razi al-Din Abul-Qasim Ali bin Musa bin Jafar, famous as Syed bin Taoos (1193-1266 A.D./589-664 A.D.) the well known Shi'ite jurist, traditionist, historian and scholar was born in Hilla (Iraq). He spent his childhood and young age in his birth place and obtained education there. Then he left for Baghdad and stayed there for about 15 years and returned back to his birth place. He lived for sometime in Najaf, Karbala, Samarra and Kazmain and during the Mongol rule he returned back to Baghdad.
Ibn Taoos is considered as one of the most prominent jurist and traditionist among the Shi'ites, His literary prominence lies in his extensive works in the field of tradition and history. He is well known for quoting supplications, ethical and theological traditions as well as for his very pious life. Ibn Taoos studied under many great scholars and obtained permissions from most of them to narrate traditions.
Ibn Taoos was a hard working scholar and has left behind multifarious works in theology, ethics, jurisprudence and traditions. Most of his works has been reprinted many times and some of them have been rendered into Persian. Some of his works are as follows:
1 - Ijaza-i Syed bin Taoos.
3 - Al-Tara'if fi Marifah Mazahib at Tawaif.
4 - Muhasibah-tun Nafs.
5 - Misbah ash-Shariyah.
6 - Al-Luhuf Ala Qutilat Taffuf.
7 - Mahj al-Dawat wa Minhaj al-Ibadat.
8 - Faraj al-Mahmum fi Tarikh Ulama an-Nujum

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