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The Noor Microfilm Centre, New Delhi, India

The Noor Microfilm Centre was established in New Delhi, India and was named after Qazi Sayyid Noorullah Marashi Husaini Shushtari famous as Shaheed-e-Thalith, keeping in view the great services rendered by this noble religious personality whose mausoleum in the historical city of Agra is the pilgrimage center of Muslims and non-Muslims in India.
Aims and Objects:
This centre started its function with the following aims and objects:
1. Acquainting, introducing and preserving the common cultural heritage of Iran and India under the frame work of common Islamic values.
2. Studies and research work with the purpose of reviving and introducing work of the scholars of both the nations.
3. Establishing relations with the research scholars and giving them all possible facilities in their studies regarding their work in the field of common cultural relations and heritage between India and Iran.
4. Establishing contacts of the libraries, centres of oriental studies in India with the libraries, centres of oriental studies and institutes of Islamic studies in Iran, with the purpose of achieving better acquaintance and mutual cooperation and relationship in the scientific and cultural fields.
The Noor Microfilm Centre, with the cooperation of well-known professors and scholars in India has been able to preserve the manuscripts in the form of microfilms which is the valuable the scientific and cultural heritage of India.
The manuscripts preserved in the form of microfilms in the centre which in some way or other were in a state of deterioration and extinction. But with the efforts of the centre they have been preserved and being kept at the disposal of the scholars for their research purposes.
Contact Information:
Prof. Dr. Mehdi Khajeh Piri
Noor Microfilm Center
18, Tilak Marg
New Delhi 110001
Phone: 0091-11-23383116
Fax: 0091-11-23389922
Email: noormicro@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.noormicrofilmindia.com

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