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The Greatest Fatima Zahra Leaves the World

The mournful were the sighs of sorrowful winds - Making the trees tremble in pain
Witnessing the soul, the sacred great soul - Of Fatima Zahra fly to Paradise
Zahra, the beloved daughter of Prophet - With wounded heart and pain in chest
Was still recollecting the sorrowful sight - Of body of her father going to grave!
Alas! Alas! The great, loving father - The affectionate, caring and wonderful father
In blink of an eye departed from world - Gone to paradise, leaving her to mourn
With tears of pain agony and grief! - Flowing from her eyes on glowing cheeks
She cried during day, and cried at night - Father, dear father! You departed from me.
A few days passed in mourning for her father - Then came shouting group of oppressors at the door
They were hypocrites enemies of Zahra - They had ignored the will of Prophet
Who said to all Muslims Zahra is my part - The one who angers her surely angers me
And who pleases her, he surely pleases me – You all keep her pleased So I will be pleased.
Alas hypocrites came to burn her house - They said that Ali should come out of house
And swear allegiance to man-made Caliph - Ali, greatest Imam was God-made caliph
It was wrong for him to accept wrong Caliph - When he did not come they should have returned
Alas! O my God! They wrongly set the fire - At door of Zahra, who was Prophet’s daughter
She said “O people, Hasan and Husain - Are grandsons 0f Prophet you want to burn them?”
I am prophet’s daughter! You want to burn me?” - The man did not listen and he did not care
Alas! O my God! The fire and the flames - Were set to burn house with Prophet’s progeny
The door was burning It went on burning - The man was cruel, he pushed burning door
At delicate Zahra, the daughter of Prophet - He pressed door at her with such a strong force
Her ribs were broken her unborn son died - By sword in its case he hit her very hard
To give her more pain and more and more wounds - His servant also hit her with lash O my God
What a cruel man! What merciless heart! - The door and the sword, the lash and the wound
She fell to ground wounded, drenched in blood - Ali held the man by neck said “O man!”
I have made promise of patience with Allah - So I am patient other wise you would learn
I would have punished you, O man severely!: - Ali let him go they took advantage
They tied rope around the neck of Imam Ali – Who was flesha and blood of Prophet Muhammad
They pulled him with force to take him to the court - And great lady Zahra saw heart breaking scene
She said aloud to them you leave Hasan’s father - Or else I will curse all of you oppressors
Alas they did not heed to prophet’s daughter - And went on pulling him out of his house
Holy Zahra raised her pure, powerful hands - With intention to curse although did not curse
She was very angry with all oppressors - Her anger made Allah, the Almighty angry
At all those oppressors, He was very angry - The sigh of her painful heart reached Supreme throne
It made Arsh tremble and brough Allah’s wrath - The walls of the mosque rose high above head
To mash enemies, but Ali, merciful - Said “Zahra great Zahra do not curse them
Be patient with friends be patient with foes - We live at will of Allah Almighty
We suffer and thank Allah Almighty - And Allah is with those who are real patient!”
The greatest lady Zahra controlled her anger - Because her anger could ruin enmeis
Would bring punishment on whom she was angry – so the greatest Zahra controlled her anger.
They took Ali to court, demanded allegiance – They were very wrong demanding allegiance
Ali said, “To me you pledge allegiance - I am the flesh and blood of the Prophet
I am the cousin, son in-law of Prophet - At Gadeer-e-Qum on Allah’s strict order
The Prophet made me his first successor - I am one who is his first successor
You all should pledge allegiance to me”. - Finally they had to leave great Ali free
Then Ali came home and saw holy Zahra - Mourning for son Mohsin, who died before birth
Such severe oppression! For progeny of Prophet! - She cried in pain “O father, dear father!
The sorrows and grief which fell upon me - If they had fallen on the bright days
The days would become very dark like nights – She went on crying they had no pity
Fadak was the garden given to Prophet - As personal gift by owners of Fadak - And Allah, the Almighty, sent order through verse
Give Fadak to your kin! And prophet had obeyed - He wrote ownership in name of Fatima
The great Bib Fatima Zahra owned Fadak - The first Caliph usurped Fadak from her
And also he denied it as the inheritance! - She went to the court but she was denied
The right which Allah Almighty gave to her - they became very sinful denying that righ
She mourned for her father, for son who was killed - She cried for Fadak, which was father's gift
The wound of the ribs and body and heart! - Eighteen years old, the daughter of Prophet
Could not walk straight, took support of a cane - Her body was weak and pain in her heart
Her heart was sinking and slow was breathing - Alas! On a night, angel of death came
Praying the namaz of Isha she died - Her soul wetn to heaven before Al-migjty
O Zahra, dear Zahra! O Fatima Zahra - Were mournful cries of lady Khadija –
With clothes on her body the patient Imam Ali - Gave bath to the body and feeling broken ribs –
He cried aloud in grief, the pain, agony – He was very patient but could’nt bear the pain
Her ribs were broken and arm too wounded - When she was shrouded it was a sad scene
With face so pretty, with signs of pain – Zahra was departing with broken ribs and heart
Crying in pain were Hasan and Husain - Zainub Umme Kulsoom, cried, “ O mother
Please do not go please don’t leave us - O mother, O mother I can’t bear the pain
Said strong hearted Zainab and fainted near body – The mother was dead and daughter was fainted
The night was dark, trembling were the winds – The angels were crying the houries were crying
His heart was crying his eyes were crying - With bier on his shoulder, the mourner Ali
Carried the body of Zahra to the grave - Hasan and Husain crying near grave
They saw mother’s body, placed in the grave - Their heart was breaking they said being restless.
“O mother, Dear mother You are leaving us – O mother dear mother how can we bear pain?”

Composed by: Saleha Fatima Midhat, Toronto , Toronto , ON , Canada .

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