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The Bride of Satan

Translated by Fatima Zabeth Beenesh
The Almighty God created for every creature a pair of male and famale and spread their generation by reproduction.
Shaitan have no pair of his own and his reproduction is different from the other creatures. It is written in narrations: When Satan want to reproduce his generation. He rubs his thighs and reproduce his generation.
But to satiate his desires enters in many ways. One of the way is nearing to the women. When a man wants to get near to his wife and if he recites
((بسم الله )) the name of God, the Satan will get away from that pair or as the man forgets to recite the name of God or does not recites the Allah's name intentionally then the Satan arrives and accompany the man and about this matter Quran said:
The another way is lavat (pederasty) with the drunk people. When a person is drinks wine and loose his power of thinking and gets drunk and acts like insane. In this condition the satan make that person a tool of his lust and take the drunk as his bride. Hazrat Rasul Muhammadabout this matter said: One who spend his night drunk, till his morning hours he spends his night as a bride of shaitan.
About this subject The last messenger Hazrat Muhammad said: The drunk spend his night till morning in the condition that the God's wrath had inflicted upon him.
And the prophet added: The person is drunk and unconcious, the whole night by drinking wine and could not sense any thing. He is the bride of Satan. He commits lavat with that drunk man. When he gets up from his sleep, he must perform the bath of Jinabath and if he does not performed the gusl, his acts will not be accepted by the God and he will be supposed one of the worst enemy of God.

Source: the book, the stories of the warning lessons about the Satan.

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