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Protecting from whispering of Satan

Translated by Fatima Zabeth Beenesh
1 To be safe from the whispering of Satan besides performing the vajib duties in Islam it is very effective that we always keep ourselves in vazu and ablutions.
2 We must not allow our mind to forget for a single moment the remembrance and name of God.
3 Whatever things attracts us inculcate yourself that the God had arranged something better in that world which remain for you forever. These worldly things will get old and rotten but the world that is kept for you near God is better than this Earth.
4 In the loneliness we get near to our God. People in the confinement of the jail reach to the nearness of the creator and the eternal light.
5 We must always avoid the company of the people who introduce the filthy materialistic world to show off their assets to the people and do not care that they are the majority of the people who are left deprived here by the basic needs of this world.
6 It is better to kick the needs which can be live without and keep ourselves light weighted by discarding those needs and leading a simple life. It makes our life credit less. When blessings leaves us the credits comes in our life and like a creeper it folds the pillars and walls of our life. How a money lender by the interest brings us prosperity, happiness and good health?
7 The money of interest brings us every kind of mishaps, incurable diseases, unending sadness and fears. A momin must always be very much care full of these things and by the help of namaz and Quran the momin protects himself from the crafty devices of Satan and his followers who pretend before people that they are the innocent people.

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