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The Result of the Love of Imam Ali (A.S)

Imam Hasan Askari a.s said: One of the follower and admirer of Ali a.s wrote him in a letter: I have lot of wealth and possesing big family and children and I am afraid to part from them and besides I am very much eager to meet you too.
Hazrat replied: Keep safely your assets in a place and send salavat to Muhammad SAWA and pray: O God, by the command of your slave Ali a.s these assets are deposited near you.
The man obeyed as he was said By Hazrat ali a.s and went to the city of Kufa and reached the service of Ali a.s.
Muawiya was informed about that and he ordered to plunder the wealth of that man and capture his family as slaves.
When the agents of Muavia entered the house of that man. They found nobody other than family of Muavia and Yazid there and they told the agents to return back as they had captured the wealth of Ali a.s and sent his family to the market. The agent returned
Like this mannner the Almighty God saved his family.
After some days the robbers came to know that the rich man is not present in the city and his wealth is left without any master. They came to plunder his wealth. But by the might of God all his wealth transformed into snakes and scorpions and many of them killed by the sting of snakes and a large number of them bacame ill. Till the day when ameeral mominin told the man: Do you want your family and wealth to appear before you. The man replied: Yes
Then the family and all the wealth of the man appeared before him by the miracle of Hazrat Ali a.s and they described about the family of Muavia and Yazeed and and how the robbers were killed by sting of snakes and scorpions. Hazrat Ali said: Some times for the faithful people appears such signs that they increases their faith

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