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The Best Deed

Imam Sajjad a.s prayed to God: O God! bestow me the best heart, wish and purpose(Niyyat) and and end my deeds in the best way.
In a narrative stated below' the great prophet sava appreciated the deed which is according to the traditions 'of Allah'and said: The words will not be accepted but it should be accompanied by the act.
The words and deeds will not be accepted except with the Good wishes, words and deeds (niyat). but it should be according to the traditions and the Almighty God gets pleased. But some times the person is practising a Good deed and he comes across the other good act which is more important before the God. In this case it is better for the believers to select the deed which is liked more by the God.
For example in some narratives it is mentioned: A person who is engaged in performing his tavaf (going around the Kaaba) and a muslim approached him to seek his help and requested to grant him urgently his need. The one who is circumambulating (tavaf) of the kaa'ba must go first to assist that muslim brother, Because to fulfil the need of a muslim brother is more liked by the Almighty God.
When he solved the problem of his muslim brother and made him cheerful then he should return back and continue his tavaf of Kaaba.

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