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No one has a right to go ahead of the master

By: Ayatullah Shaheed Syed Abdul Husayn Dastaghaib Shirazi
God means the One Who is the Creator of you and of everything. He created the entire universe. Messenger means God’s representative. Undoubtedly all the dignity and rights of a representative or a delegate are subject to the dignity and rights of the one whom he represents. If one is an ambassador of an important government, all the dignity, respect and honor deserved by that government becomes due to their ambassador also. Messenger means the representative of God, Who is the Creator of all. So you have no right to go ahead of God and His Messenger. Just use your wisdom. Can a slave or servant ever have a right to go ahead of the Lord and His ambassador? O faithful ones! Do not push yourselves forward before God and His Messenger, Muhammad. Sometimes it so happens that a man takes himself ahead of God when he says (if he is told that this thing is prohibited): I know. I have the right. When he is told that God has prohibited it, he replies: Stop such talk. He tries to outpace God and imagines that he has a right to obedience. He says: Others should follow me. I should not obey God and His Messenger!

Expediency before God and Prophet
God forbid, sometimes it also so happens that man tries to take himself ahead, as was done by Umar. After the Holy Prophet, Umar said: Expediency demands that Ali should step aside and Abu Bakr must come up. Why? Because ‘Ali is young’. Many great people of Quraish have been killed by Ali. So they are infuriated with Ali. They would not submit to him. The Islamic government will not run properly. Abu Bakr is senior in age. In the past he has not killed any polytheist. In battlefields also, he did not perform any remarkable feat. As he did not kill the unbelievers, there is no enmity against him. Hence he should be the chief of this state. In other worlds: I know better than God and His Prophet what is better. God and the Prophet appointed Ali as the master (Maula) in Ghadeer-e-Khumm but I know better. No one should say: How could Umar do such a thing? Read what Sunnis have written and then you will not wonder.

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