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Observance of rights is bilateral

By: Ayatullah Shaheed Syed Abdul Husayn Dastaghaib Shirazi
Islamic laws concerning the rights of an individual towards the society are bilateral, that is, ones right over other and the others right over one. No preference is given to a particular side. In the social rights also there is bilateral consideration. This Holy verse, on one hand, tells the Muslims: Be respectful, give honor to Muhammad. Considering Muhammad great is obligatory for you. If you not do so your deeds will go in vain.
So much so that even your voice must never be louder than his. On the other hands, it says to Muhammad: Be humble to the faithful who follow you. As We have told your followers to observe your respect and honor you, you too must be modest to them. If a poor mans comes to you and says, "O Muhammad! I want you to do this for me, then do it." The Holy Prophet went with the needy, attended funerals and visited the ill etc.

Salute the faithful

"And when those who believe in Our communications come to you, say: Peace be on you, your Lord has ordained mercy on Himself, (so) that if anyone of you does evil in ignorance, then turns after that and acts aright, then He is Forgiving, Merciful."
When this verse was revealed to the Holy Prophet, he became very happy. It says: When these Faithful come to you, hurry up and say Salamun Alaikum to them before they salute you and give them good tiding of Gods mercy. Say: O those who accepted and responded to the call of Muhammad! Your God has made it a must for Him to be kind to the followers of Muhammad. He has bound Himself to be merciful to the followers of Muhammad and to pardon anyone of them who sins unwarily, accepting his repentance.
It is mentioned in the commentary that once the Holy Prophet came to Mosque. Some of his companions were so poor that they did not have cloth enough to cover themselves properly. When they sat near him they joined their thighs, putting a piece of cloth on their knees to cover their two legs. The Holy Prophet arrived, sat in their midst touching his knees with those of the poor men and said: Thanks to God who has recommended me to salute my followers. I have been commanded by God to respect to you.

Sayyids should also respect the Muslims
Let me make further clarification of the bilateral position of rights. It is recommended that you should befriend the Sayyids, honor them, do good to them and give gifts to them. You have heard this very often. But it is not a one-sided affair because it is also recommended to the Sayyids that they should, for the good of the people, show humility to them like their ancestor (the Holy Prophet) and not to boast that I am a Sayyid, I am the son of the master, I am the prince. Just as Muslims have to give respect to the Holy Prophet it is also a must for him (the Prophet) to show humility to people. The Sayyid should also realize that as the community befriends you for the sake of Muhammad you too should appreciate that they are the ones who follow the religion of your ancestor.
How much do you love the religion of your grandfather? You must love and befriend them so that they follow the religion of your grandfather more sincerely. Keep aside personal benefits and interests just as they put aside their personal interests regarding you. You also should reciprocate and befriend all.
It is mentioned in the third volume of Biharul Anwar that the last Prophet Muhammad, during his last fatal illness, said from the pulpit to Bani Abdul Muttalib, "O family and tribesmen of Muhammad! As the lineage of each and every Sayyid reaches Hashim, the grandfather of Muhammad you must be aware. Let it not be so that tomorrow, on the Day of Judgment, my nation may come with (good) deeds and you come without deeds. In that case, you will not benefit from me at all.
Merely claiming that I am a son of Muhammad does not count. I am telling you something higher. The Holy Prophet told his daughter Fatima to audit her deeds, "O Fatima! Do good and do not be proud. Go on doing good and prepare for the journey to the other world and do not say that I am a daughter of Muhammad."
Then he said from the pulpit, "After my passing away no one must maintain false ambitions and wishful thinking. By God Who made me His Messenger, none can ever get salvation except through good deeds and mercy of Allah." It means if you think that you will go to Paradise without Prayer, Fast, Charity and all obligatory deeds, it is a mere wishful thinking. He said, "Even though I am Muhammad, if I commit a sin I will fall." Do not think that as Muhammad is Muhammad; since he is a chief of the religion, he is an exception and that it is not wrong if he sins.
Now if a Sayyid says: Since I am a Sayyid I will not go to hell. Some ignorant says that Sayyids do not go to hell; they go to Zamahreer. Now where is Zamahreer? It, in your imagination, is a good place! It is mentioned in a narration that in the Hereafter, there is a part, which is contrary to hell from the viewpoint of coolness. It means that hell is very hot and Zamahreer is extremely cool. The difference is that whoever, God forbid, goes to Zamahreer wishes that he be taken to hell. Is, in your opinion, Zamahreer a nice place? There is no distinction between a Sayyid and a Shaykh, common man and noble man, scholar and ignorant, student and teacher.

Sayyids should all the more refrain from sinning
Sayyids should, more than others, be careful and they must always refrain from every sin. If a Sayyid sins his punishment is twofold. It is mentioned in Wafi that if the sons of the Prophet worship the reward is double and if they commit a sin then also the punishment is double for them, one for sinning and another for degrading the honor of his holy lineage. O woman! If you move out without an Islamic dress you have insulted your ancestor, and you say I am a Sayyid lady! Tomorrow, in the Hereafter you will get two chastisements, one the punishment for this offence and another for dishonoring Fatima. Being a Sayyid lady, do you realize what have you done? You have insulted your religion, as people will say: This is a Sayyid and an Alid woman. Why the progeny of the Prophet should act like this? The internal enemy is indeed very dangerous. Children become foes and hence get double punishment. Rather, the Sayyids should be in the front line of the righteous people so that others may follow them. The progeny of the Prophet are entitled to be the first and foremost in doing good deeds. Sayyid ladies should come forward and act according to the Shariah of Muhammad and in the matter of modesty, chastity and honor follow their grandmother, Zahra so that other women may get lessons from them. This is enough for now, let us go ahead.

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