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Sign of Piety in heart is discipline

By: Ayatullah Shaheed Syed Abdul Husayn Dastaghaib Shirazi
Then He says:

Surely those who lower their voices before Allahs Apostle are they whose hearts Allah has tested for guarding (against evil) (49:3)
If piety is comprehended here, it is manifested through tongue and eye. It reaches the depths of the heart. One of the signs of this piety is discipline, respect, humanity and humility. Most of this piety is over flesh and skin. His tongue is pious and holy, and so also his eye, ear, hand, foot. This is physical piety. However, the piety in heart is its being empty of worldly love, passions, desires, lust and greed. If the heart is attentive, if there is fear of God in the heart, it creates respect and discipline. Such a person humbles himself before the Imam, before God and His Prophet, while facing religion, on hearing the Command of God, while witnessing the Truth. One sits on the ground. Whenever he is told that this is Gods command, he bows down. Whenever he is told that this is what Quran orders or this is what the Holy Prophet has ordained, this is recommended by the Progeny of Muhammad he at once realizes their greatness and he bows down before such orders.
It is narrated that once Imam Reza said, "If one visits the Holy Shrine of Imam Husain knowing his right (having faith in his Imamate), he or she is like the one who visited God at His Throne (Arsh)."[9] What is meant by true knowledge and recognition? Who is such an aware person? He says: He or she is one who knows that it is obligatory to obey the Imam as he is the argument (Hujjat) of God and also His representative. God Himself has ordained his obedience. How great is God? So His representative is also very great. He is alive. He does not die. The body of Imam Reza is beneath the ground but his spirit is all over the world. His spirit is everywhere. His soul has Divine attributes.

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