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Tafseer Surat An-Naba' (The Tidings)

By:Ayatullah Makerem Shirazi
Translated into English Fatima Zabeth Beenesh

~* attainments and virtues of Sura e Naba *~
In a traditional statement (hadis) it is mentioned by the great prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi: the person who reads the chapter of the Almighty Allah will satiate that human being with the cool and delightful beverages of Heaven in Qayamat the Judgment day.
In another traditional statement (hadis) Imam Sadiq alaihis salam we read: A person who continues to read the chapter of every day, in the end of the year that person visits the house of Allah Kaba.
Further more in a hadis it is mentioned by the messenger of Allah: the person who reads and memorizes On the Day of Judgment (Qayamat) his accounts will be completed in such a hurry as much as a length of time is taken in a Namaz.

Surat An-Naba' (The Tidings) -

About what are they asking one another?
About the great news -
That over which they are in disagreement.
No! They are going to know.
Then, no! They are going to know.
About what they are asking one another (78:1)
And without waiting for the reply Quran answers and adds: They ask about the important and great information: (78:2)
The same information and news in which they were constantly going through the diversity of opinions
What is ? Some mentioned it is a judgment day. as said by Ragib In the Mufredat , it is an important news in which they are many benefits and the human obtains knowledge about it or takes it for granted.
The definition of is insisting to a group of people who were having doubts about that event which was very important and great. The day of judgment is more proper meaning for that word.
The word (they ask each other) may be it is pointing towards the infidels that they were consistently asking each other about the judgment day but not to research or get the awareness of the truth just to make a mock or criticize the prophet.
Most of the polytheists believed in the eternity of the souls after the death of body but particularly they did not believe in the resurrection of the body.
Then it adds: Furthermore it is not in that manner, they say and think about the resurrection, they will experience it at the earliest.

Again they think it is nothing and soon they will be getting aware of it.
That day they will get aware of it and cry regretful and they feel rueful for their deeds which are below the perfect state, Zomar 56
39:56 lest any human being should say [on Judgment Day], Alas for me for having been indifferent in what is from God, and for having been indeed one of those who ridiculed [at the truth]!
That day the waves of torture will surround them and they will plead for return back to this world. Shura 44
42:44 and so you will see such evildoers[on Judgment Day, and will hear how] they declare as soon as they observe the suffering [that awaits them], Is there any way of return?
Even at the moment of the death when the curtains sets aside from the sight of the man and views the facts of another world and bring faith in the Barzakh (the period links between the death and the Judgment day) and resurrection day. Soon at that moment the dyeing person wails and cries that: turn me back so that I do the virtues deeds. Muminoon 99-100
23:99 [AS FOR THOSE who will not believe in the life hareafter, they go on lying to themselves] until, when death approaches any of them, he prays: O God my Sustainer! Let me return, let me return [to life],
2: 100 so that I might act righteously.
here () is used commonly for the near future and this whole lifespan of this worldly life before the(resurrection day) is just like an hour. And in the before mentioned ayat that word is repeated.
By the progress of the science and knowledge the human being gathered so many proves and examples for the existence of the judgment day that even the deniers of the resurrection day have no other way other than to accept it.
78:1 ABOUT WHAT do they [most often] ask one another? -
78:2 About the awesome tiding [of resurrection], -
78:3 on which they [so utterly] disagree. -
78:4 Nay, but in time they will come to understand [it]! -
78:5 And once again: Nay, but in time they will come to understand! -

~* the points *~
1 The matter of Vilayat (guardianship) and Naba e Azim (great information)
As it is mentioned Naba e Azim is defined in many meanings such as Qayamat, Quran. All the fundamentals of faith including the commencement of life and the day of resurrection.
1) A narrative from Hafiz Muhammad bin Mumin Shirazi, a Sunni scholar who quoted: The prophet of Allah in the description of the (78:2)
Defined it as the Vilayat Ali alaihis salam that they will be asked in the grave about it. Anything which is in the land and in the oceans, in the east or the west of the world whenever leaves the earth the angels ask, the person about the Vilayat Ameeral momineen Ali alaihis salam soon after his or her death. They ask the person: What is your religion? Who is your prophet? Who is your imam (spiritual guide)
2) In another (traditional statement) Hadees it is mentioned that on the day of the war of Siffin a man from the army of Syria (Muavia) wore the armor, hold the Quran in his hand and entered the battle field (against Ali alaihis salam) by reciting Sura of:

Ali alaihis salam personally entered the battle field, faced him and told: Do you know who is Nabae Azim in which the people have difference of opinion.
The man replied: No, I do not know.
The Imam Ali alaihis salam replied: I am the Nabae Azim in which you have diversity of opinions among you and rose against him in the matter of his guardianship (Vilayat), after accepting it. On the day of the resurrection (Qayamat) once again you will understand it.
3) In a narration from Imam Sadiq alaihis salam, Nabae Azim is the same matter of Vilayat (the Guardianship).
Not only this ayat have the inward and out ward meaning but they are various other signs (ayaat) in Quran which have different definitions. Some are similar to outward meaning and some are defined in the different inward interpretation.
But one point which should be insisted upon is the inward meaning of Quran. It must be only interpreted by the source of the prophet, and the infallibles (imaman- the spiritual guides) and other than them it is not permissible by anyone else. The reason is that the inwards meanings of Quran must not become a document and tool in the hands of whimsical and shallow people, to bring forth mischievous desires of the deviated. The gone astray people who could not define it properly according to their fanciful notion.
A court exists in which no one is able to conceal anything from the judges. An administrational department in which no oppression and injustice can enter and does not accepts any advice and any bribe. There is no chance of speaking lie, denial and escaping from the clutches of the punishments. And the only way is that: human beings have to leave committing all the sins in their life.
Basically in a society where invalid, deteriorated and defective mannerism prevails, there exists two factors
1 That is the weak vigilance and force for the protection of the people and
2 Meek courts that are providing the justice to the people. If the vigil eye of the protectors of the law watches the practices of the people and the courts too carefully reach to the crimes of the miscreants. They must not let the crime to settle down without the punishment. Certainly in this kind of society fewer violations, aggressions, corruptions and sins would occur.
Where the materialistic life is under protection of such kind of weak and meek caretakers and corrupt judicial courts are looked after by contaminated officials. In that case the way of spiritual life is evident (that is hope less). It is written in the Sura e Zalzal.
99:7 and so, he who shall have done an atom's weight of good, shall view it; -
A meager good or evil act will not be forgotten and it is kept before him.
It creates such kind of faith and piety in a person which guides his entire life towards good and pious deeds.
Have We not made the earth as a bed,
And the mountains as pegs?
And We have created you in pairs (male and female, tall and short, good and bad, etc.).
And have made your sleep as a thing for rest.
~* everybody is because of you perplexed and obedient *~
These ayaat (signs) in fact is an answer to the questions of the deniers of the resurrection day and those who have diversity of opinions in the event of Nabae Azim.
This wise system of life cannot be useless and empty, if the life is going to finish with the end of the materialistic life, in that case certainly the life will become aimless and useless.
In these 11 ayaat there are12 important blessings of the Allah is mentioned which blended with the love and kindness of God, linked with reasoning and rouse the human sentiments.
First it commenced by the earth and said: Do not we establish the earth your place of comfort? (78:6)
According to the Ragib in the Mufredat, it means a neat, clean and well adjust place of dwelling. is a place where the child is kept to relax including the cot and cradle. And the selection of that name, for the earth is very meaningful. As a large part of the earth is so soft, plain and good in shape that the man can build a house, obtain a yield from the agriculture and establish the gardens there.
In other aspect all his needs are provided from the surface or under the depth of the earth in the form of the basic matter from the precious mines.
The third aspect is that the earth absorbs the excessive matter of human being. The dead body of human beings by burying into it soon breaks down and evaluated. Many kinds of the microbes are destroyed by the mysterious effects of earth which are bestowed by the creator.
The fourth aspect is that with its smooth and fast movement around the sun and the circulation around itself. The earth creates the day and night and the four seasons which plays the chief role in the life of human beings.
The fifth aspect is that the earth accumulates the major part of the water that showers on the surface of it and re send them upon the earth in the face of fountains and subterranean canal (Qanat).
In short in this tranquil bed, all the facilities of peace and calmness are provided for the children of the earth.
78:7 and the mountains [its] pegs?
Do not we have created the mountains as the nails?
The mountains have the deep roots inside the earth and there too they are connected to each other and like the armour protecting the earth crust from the pressures of the internal melted matters and the affects of the magnetic power of the moon creating low and high tides .There are considered like the high walls before the severe and hard floods and storms. There are reliable refuge and the home of peace for the human beings. If they were not present, the life of human being was constantly facing the hard blows of the disturbances of floods.
In the earth sphere exists a cover of air, by the affect of mountain which are like a gear of the wheel grasp the earth crust and move with the earth. The scientists define: if the surface of earth was created plain the cover of air while the movement of earth would have created gigantic floods and storms in the land and it would have been always the possibility of the constant friction which would made the earth surface extremely hot and burning.
78:8 And We have created you in pairs;
is the plural of the which is called a pair of male and female species. The creation of the human being depends upon these two sexes besides it is a guarantor of the survival of the human beings, it gives peace and calm to them. Hence in chapter Sur e Rum we read.
30:21 And among His wonders is this: He creates for you mates out of your own kind. So that you might incline towards them, and He engenders love and tenderness between you: in this, behold, there are messages indeed for people who think!
In other words it can be mentioned that the sexes of male and female, each of them completes the other and fulfils the short coming of the opposite sex.
In the dialect, the word means the classes and kinds of the people too. Some points out that there are many kinds and classes of human beings and their differences in the colour, race and nature among the people. That too is a sign of the greatness of the Allah and the causes of creating the perfection in Human society.
78:9 and we have made your sleep [a symbol of] death
We had created the sleep, to cause the relaxation and peace (in human beings).
is taken from the mother word which means to get standstill the work for relaxation and in the vocabulary of Arab, Saturday is named as ی this was taken from the weekly programmes of the Jews who named the Saturdays as the holiday.
The word delicately points out towards the cessation of the physical and spiritual activities while in the sleep and the renewal of liveliness. The same temporary cessation of the work causes to remove every kind of tiredness and tension and made the man to get ready for the renewal of his activities.
As the one third of the mans life is occupied by the sleep but still the man is unable to find the secret of his sleep. Even he could not find the causes of going to cessation the function of the mind at the particular time and soon the close down of the eye lids together.
The sleep had the important role in the health of the man for that purpose the psychiatrists always takes care to bring his patients sleeping habit into normal schedule. As without that process the balancing of the psychiatric patient is impossible.
The people who could not sleep in normal way, they are depressed, uneasy, gloomy, disappointed and dejected. On the contrary the person who enjoys the normal sleeps when gets awake feels fresh and an extraordinary energy in him.
The imposed and provoked sleeplessness is the great torture and painful for the man. The experience proved that the toleration of the human being before the sleeplessness is very less and in a short period he loses his health and gets ailing. Certainly the normal sleep is very important and oversleeping like over eating creates different diseases and ugliness in man.
As the above ayat states the sleeps as blessing of God but as the sleep resembles the death and wakefulness is similar to the judgement day so the ayat may be a hint towards that subject .
78:10 and made the night as clothing.
78:11 and made the day for livelihood.
78:12 And we have built above you seven strong heavens.
78:13 and have placed [therein the sun,] a blazing lamp
78:14 And from the wind-driven clouds We send down abundant waters.
78:15 so that We might bring forth thereby grain, and vegetation,
78:16 and dense gardens.
78:10 and made the night as clothing.
Then connected the topic of night with the subject of sleep and bought forth the blessings of night and related about the gifts of the night t: we have made the night as a cover.
78:11 and made the day for livelihood.
And immediately it adds: And made the day for the livelihood.
According to the ayaat the curtain of night is a covering and a dress on the body of the earth that gives all the living things existing on it halt to their tiresome activities of life for the compulsion of their need. The darkness which prevails on everything causes peace, calm and repose in man. So that the tired bodies get repaired and the fatigued soul gets the liveliness as the peaceful sleep is not available except in the darkness.
Furthermore by spreading the curtains of the night the light of the sun winds up and if it would have been radiated continuously it would have burnt the plants and animals; in that case the earth will not be any more a place of living.
For the reason the noble Quran repeatedly stressed upon the subject and stated at a particular point:
28:72 Say: Have you ever considered [this]: If God had willed that there should always be daylight about you, without break, until the Day of Resurrection - is there any deity other than God that could bring you [the darkness of] night, wherein you might rest? Will you not, then, see [the truth]?
28:73 For it is out of His grace that He has made for you the night and the day, so that you might rest therein as well as seek to obtain [what you need] of His bounty: and [He gave you all this] so that you might have cause to be grateful.
If we pay attention to the honorable Quran on various significant points, it declared covenant upon various subjects only once, but it swore upon the subject of night seven times. We are well aware that it swears on important subjects and proves the usefulness of night.
Those who lit the artificial lights and keep awake the whole nights and sleep the entire day, those people are mentally and physically distressed and are missing the real delights of life.
On contrary to the cities, in the villages the people live a healthier life, as they sleep early in the night and wake early in the morning.
The nights have many advantages as well as its dawn is the best time for silent prayers on the threshold of the beloved Almighty for the fulfillment of needs. It is the advantageous period for the self building and educating ones own self. Likewise the Quran in the definition of the pious people said:
51:18 And in the hours before dawn they would ask forgiveness,
The light of the day is an unparalleled blessing which creates the movements of life and prepares human being to work and struggle. It grows plants under the rays of the light and the animals too flourish under it. How truly the Quran translates the above ayat and said: we made the day a means for earning the livelihood. It is expresses so clearly that it does not need to be defined.
The interchange of the day and night and the exact system of the gradual transformations are the signs of the creator and indications of God. Furthermore if it is taken into account we will realize that it gives birth to the natural calendar for organizing the periods of human life.
Then from the earth the ayat proceeds towards the sky and said:
78:12 And we have built above you seven strong heavens.
In Sur e Safath it is mentioned:
Indeed, we have adorned the nearest heaven with adornment of stars.
We decorated the lowest sky with the stars which is the first sky and beyond it they are six other skies and universes which are out of humans reach.
Probably it means with the layers of atmosphere around the earth sphere besides being thin outwardly it is so strong that it protects the earth from continuous attacks of heavenly stones.
As soon as any of the heavenly stone gets absorb in the earths sphere, by colliding with the layers of the atmosphere, it becomes so much hot that it gets burnt and gradually its ashes rests on the earth. If the layers of the atmosphere were not been present around the earth, the cities and the villages, the days and nights would have been in the exposure of the hurling of these atmospheric stones.
Some of the scientists calculated that the thickness of the atmospheric layers is more than one hundred kilometers and a roof is similar to the iron in its thickness.
It is the definition of the .
After briefly describing the creation of the skies it turns towards the great favor of the universal brightening sun and defines:
The word is taken from the mother word which means light and heat that transmits from the fire. This heavenly luster of light pointing on the two blessings resembles like yeast that prepares the dough for the bread.
The light of the sun not only brightens the scene of the life and the solar system but it has deep effects in the nurturing of the living beings.
Its temperature besides giving life directly to human beings, animals and vegetations, it is the real source for the clouds, the blowing of the winds, pouring of the rains and gives water to dry lands.
The suns for its ultra violet rays have great effects in killing the microbes. If it would not had been present the sphere of earth, the world would had been transformed into a gigantic hospital and may be within a short period of time it would had faced the danger of erasing the generations of the living beings.
The sun provides us safe light free of cost, with proper constant distance, not very hot nor burning and not very cold nor spiritless.
For instance if we want to grow an apple from the artificial light and energy then the cost of each apple will become breathtaking, yes this , a creation in the universe, blessed us complimentary and generously the entire favors of life.
The body of sun is almost one million and 300,000 times larger than the earth and its distance is150 million kilo meters. The outward temperature is 6000 degrees centigrade and its inward temperature is estimated about 20 million degrees. It is calculated in such a way that, in the case if it gets little more or less in temperature the life of the earths inhabitants would have become barren and hard to continue, almost impossible to live on the earth.
78:6 HAVE WE NOT made the earth a resting-place [for you], -
78:7 and the mountains [its] pegs?
78:8 And We have created you in pairs;
78:9 and We have made your sleep [a symbol of] death
78:10 and made the night [its] cloak -
78:11 and made the day [a symbol of] life.
78:12 And We have built above you seven firmaments,
78:13 and have placed [therein the sun,] a lamp full of blazing splendour. -
78:14 And from the wind-driven clouds We send down waters pouring in abundance,
(78:15) -
78:15 so that We might bring forth thereby grain, and herbs, -
78:16 and gardens dense with follage.
After the light and temperature turned towards the basic matter of the life that is water which is very closely connected to the radiation, luster and light of the sun and such a way it adds:
is the plural of its mother word is which means pressure which is pointing towards the clouds carrying the rains. It is expressing that by squeezing itself with pressure the clouds pour the rains out. (A point to be noted is a noun which is mentioning the one who acts).
Certain people interpret that it is not mentioning the quality of the clouds but the air pressurizes on the clouds to prepare them for the down pour.
is taken from the word it means the consecutive and abundant down pour of the water. The descending of water from sky is the cause of the favors and the effect of prosperity. It purifies the air and washes away the pollution and takes away impurities and dirt along with itself. It calms down the hot weather and even modifies the cold weather. Decreases the factors of the diseases and provides the joy and delight for the human beings. Referring to all that blessings, the next ayaat identifies the three advantages of the rain and such mentioned: the purpose of the rains down pour is that the food grains and the vegetation come out of the earth by means of it.

Surat An-Naba' (The Tidings) -
Sahih International
That we may bring forth thereby grain and vegetation
Muhsin Khan
That we may produce therewith corn and vegetations

Sahih International
And gardens of entwined growth.
Muhsin Khan
And gardens of thick growth.
as mentioned by the Ragib in Mufredat, is densely grown trees which are in such a large number that they are twisted together. In fact in these two ayaat it mentioned the significant part of them that is food grain the other part is vegetation and roots and the other major part of are the fruits .
Certainly the benefits of the rain are not limited to this extent. Basically the human body consists of 70% water. The main source of the birth of entire living things according to Quran is water.

Surat Al-'Anbyā' (The Prophets) -
21:30 and made from water every living thing? Then will they not believe?
Therefore the water has a fundamental and radical role in the creation of living things specifically the human beings. Not only the body of man but the industries too would get paralyzed without water and the system of manufacture would also get collapsed.
The beauty of the face of nature and its freshness depends upon water and the desirable routes of the trade and economic too are the ways and passages of water.

~*the points*~
The connection of this ayat, to the day of resurrection: In the above mentioned eleven ayaat directed the attention towards the most significant bounties of Allah and the most basic pillars of human life which are the light, darkness, temperature, water, soil and plants.
Hence to mention this system which is free from errors and defects, it is a clear proof for the power of Almighty. The chapter of Yasin too evidently describes:

Surat Yā-Sīn (Ya Sin) -
Sahih International
Is not He who created the heavens and the earth Able to create the likes of them? Yes, [it is so]; and He is the Knowing Creator.
Muhsin Khan
Is not He, Who created the heavens and the earth Able to create the like of them? Yes, indeed! He is the All-Knowing Supreme Creator.
All these magnanimous arrangements it certainly have a purpose and their goal. It absolutely could not be the numbered of days of this worldly life which is moving around eating, drinking, sleeping and waking up but the wisdom ( hikmat) of God affirms we must have the greater purpose in our life or in other words the seeds of the earth should be planted for reaping in the hereafter. For the prolong journey of the man as it declared in the Sur e Muminun:

Surat Al-Mu'minūn (The Believers) -
Sahih International
Then did you think that we created you uselessly and that to us you would not be returned?"
Muhsin Khan
"Did you think that we had created you in play (without any purpose), and that you would not be brought back to us?"
Did you think that we created you without any purpose and will you not return to us?
The third preposition is the sleep and wakefulness which illustrates the death and a renewed life and the process of coming to life, the dead lands by the showering of rain which every year appears in its full manifestation. It brings the scene of the resurrection day before the eyes and brings our attention towards the subject of judgment day and the worldly life and it is written in the Sur e Fatir:

Surat Fāţir (Orignator) -
Sahih International
And it is Allah, who sends the winds, and they stir the clouds, and we drive them to a dead land and give life thereby to the earth after its lifelessness. Thus is the resurrection.
Muhsin Khan
And it is Allah Who sends the winds, so that they rise up the clouds, and we drive them to a dead land, and revive therewith the earth after its death. As such (will be) the Resurrection!
The day of judgment is similar to this.
Sahih International
Indeed, the Day of Judgment is an appointed time
Muhsin Khan
Verily, the Day of Decision is a fixed time,
Sahih International
The Day the Horn is blown and you will come forth in multitudes
The Day when the Trumpet will be blown and you shall come forth in crowds (groups);
Sahih International
And the heaven is opened and will become gateways
Muhsin Khan
And the heaven shall be opened, and it will become as gates,
Sahih International
And the mountains are removed and will be [but] a mirage.
Muhsin Khan
And the mountains shall be moved away from their places and they will be as if they were a mirage.
~*At last the day which was promised will reach*~
The Day of Judgment is the day of separation, the day which is promised to the entire humanity.
are the words full of meanings which defines the separations in that day are great and significant.
The separation of truth from the untruth
The rows of pious believers separating from the lines of the criminals and evil doers
ی is taken from the word which is a fixed time.
Then it describes the events and significance of that day and said: The day when the trumpet is blown and you will enter the gathering place on the judgment day in form of groups.
From these ayaat of Quran it is very clearly evident that the two events will happen by the term in the first event of the blow of trumpet the disposition and arrangement of the universe will be split and demolish away and the entire inhabitants of earth and those living in the heaven will die. And at the second event of the blow of trumpet, the world will be built newly again, the dead will return to the new life and the day of judgment will occur.
means to blow and gives the meaning of trumpet which is commonly blown for the halting of the army and the caravans or blown to start the departure of them . The people of caravan and the soldiers of the army from the tune of it will understand to get start the journey or to give it the halt.
May be it is concerned with the second event
This phrase is beautifully and delicately interpreting those two great events. In the Sur e Isra thus it is mentioned:

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