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Selected from the book of Tafsir-e-Namumeh by of Ayatullah Nasir Makarim Shirazi

Translated into English by Fatima Zabeth Beenesh
A narration from the prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi about the Surae Aala is that: Those who read the chapter of Sura e Aala the Almighty will bestow upon him ten good deeds equal to the one word which were descended upon the prophets Ibrahim, Moosa alaihumus salam and Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi.
In another narrative from the imam Sadiq alaihis salam we read: Those who recite Surae Aala in his compulsory namaz and the supererogatory prayers (navafil) on the day of Judgment it is told to him: Enter the paradise from any door you want to get in by the will of God.
In one more Hadith it is quoted by a companion of Ali alaihis salam: twenty nights I prayed namaz behind the prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi in the congregational prayers, he recited only Sura e Aala after Sura e Fatiha in the namaz.
If you were aware of the barakat abundance hidden in the Sura e Aala you will be ready to recite it ten times a day. Anybody who recites it as if he read the books of Ibrahim and Moosa alaihumus salam.
In a narration from the Maula Ali alaihis salam: This Sura was very much favorite Sura of the great prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihi va ala alehi. It is famous that this Sura e Aala is descended in Mecca. In the period of hijrat the immigrants of Mecca while entering in the city of Medina were reciting this Sura for the people of Medina.

~* the definition*~
Sura e Aala, in fact is the extract of the schools of the prophets and the invitation of the messengers and it begins with the praise and doxology of the Almighty Allah.
Then it adds:
ی means to give system and good shape. The Almighty God systemized and formed the universe which is the greatest in the celestial heaven and organized the minute lines of tips of the fingers too which is mentioned in Sura e Qiyamat.

Surat Al-Qiyāmah (The Resurrection) -
Sahih International
Yes. [We are] able [even] to proportion his fingertips.
Muhsin Khan
Yes, we are Able to put together in perfect order the tips of his fingers.
In this short line it has wide meaning. The omnipotent God is proving His presence and power over everything.

Surat Al-'A`lá (The Most High) -
Sahih International
And who destined and [then] guided
By destined it means those programs and measures, to move towards the aims for which the benevolent God created his creation.
By the guided means introducing the laws he ruled over each and every creations. Universally caused a certain spiritual ways and in the external life of the existence too.
The fact is evident that behind all of them there is a powerful guiding force.
But in the case of man he had the internal (instinctive) guidance as well as the external (outside world) direction, the kind of guidance occurred by the inspiration and revelation of the prophets.
Then turned the attention towards the plants and botanical world and specifically the food product of the cattle and added: The one who created and brought forth the pastures from the depth of the earth.
Sahih International
And who brings out the pasture (plants and grazing land)
The meaning of is that all the food products are present in the heart of the earth which the omnipotent God brings them forth for his creatures. It is clear to our understanding that for providing food to the animals is the prologue and the beginning for providing food for the man. Their advantages again return to man only.
And next adds: then the glorified God makes it dry and black.
Sahih International
And [then] makes its black stubble (changed into husk and straw).
means the dry husk which flows on the water and same way the froth upon the vessel when its liquid is boiling or the thing which is wasted and goes away from the possession of the man. In the ayat it means that the dry and piled up plants.
means dark green color and sometimes black color as the dark green is similar to black. The dark green plants when piled up changes into black.
May be these comparisons have three reasons: The condition of plants declare about the decline of the world and always teaches a lesson to man. The fresh green, admirable and praiseworthy plants within some months will change into dry, faded, black and dead which is relating to us about the baseless life and how it passes rapidly.
The other reason which is stated by some: maybe this ayat pointed towards the fact that the herbs and plants when piled up will transform into the natural manure and provides the earth enough resource for growing new plants.
Some defined that this ayat gave the indirect clue towards the creation of the coal mines by the decayed plants and the herbs. Coal is the most important source of the energy on the earth. Man in his daily life and the industries immensely utilized this resource. They are the remnants of the plants buried under the ground since million of years. By the time they changed into blackened stones.
Some scientists declare that the coal mines are the plants which were grown about 250 millions years before and then buried into the earth.
These ranges of coal mines are so much abundant that by taking into account the present consumption of coal which can provide the needs of man more than 4000 years.
Any how the (the dark and dried plants) had plenty of advantages. It is food for the animals during the winter period and a source of fuel and burning fire and proper manure for the earth.

In the definition: And who destined and [then] guided.
In the above ayat it shows the lordship of Allah, the provider of every blessing.
This is the fact which by the passing of time is getting more evident and clear to the man. The discovery of science gives us the facilities to view the fresh, wonderful and interesting face of the guidance and destiny of Almighty in every particle of the world. There are some examples discovered by the scientist: Kimris Morrison in his book the secrets of existence flashed the light on the animal life and described as follows:
1 The migrating birds sometimes in a year cross the heights of the oceans and travel thousands of kilometers away but never forgets the way of their own nest. They go straight back to their nests when they return to their home land. The honey bee goes away from their beehive as the wind diverts them they still return back promptly to their hive. Whereas the man needs the accurate address, guidance and signs to return back to his own home.
2 The insects have microscopic eyes and its mechanism and potency of sight creates amazement in the mankind. The hunter hawks have the telescopic eyes.
3 The man have to use the light for finding his way while travelling in the night but the birds mostly find out their ways and objects in the deep darkness.
4 The dogs with the help of their powerful sense of smelling recognizes every animal in its way by its body odor. Whereas the man is unable to accomplish this kind of function.
5 All the animals hear the sounds whose vibration is beyond our hearing power. Their hearing sense is more accurate than us. Although the human being had overcame this disability by means of the advanced technical tools and gadgets.
6 There is a kind of small fish who lives for years in the sea but at the time of hatching eggs it returns back to the same stream were it was born and breaks its way and proceeds through the opposite waves reaches itself to its real mother land where it can nurture its offspring, after many year it finds it in the very far off place.
7 More astounding than this there are the stories of some aquatic animals they pass the reverse route.

*.:|:.We prepare for every virtues deed .:|:.*
In the last aayat the discussion was about the Lordship and belief in one God and following it. The ayaat mentioned about the Quran and the prophecy of the messenger,
And declared as follows: soon we will read for you and you will never forget it.
Hence do not make haste in the descent of the revelation and do not get uneasy by the feelings of forgetting the ayaat of the Lord. The one who had sent upon you the extraordinary aayat for the guidance of the human kind, he himself will be their protector and guard it. Yea he will make those signs firm into your heart so that the dust of negligence and forgetfulness will not cover it.
The same example is indicated in the 114 ayat of Sur ae Taha:

Surat Ţāhā (Ta-Ha) -
Sahih International
So high [above all] is Allah, the Sovereign, the Truth. And, [O Muhammad], do not hasten with [recitation of] the Qur'an before its revelation is completed to you, and say, "My Lord, increase me in knowledge."
Muhsin Khan
Then high above all be Allah, the True King. And be not in haste (O Muhammad SAW) with the Quran before its revelation is completed to you, and say: "My Lord! Increase me in knowledge."
In the 12 ayat of Sura e Qayamat we read:
Sahih International
Move not your tongue with it, [O Muhammad], to hasten with recitation of the Qur'an.
Muhsin Khan
Move not your tongue concerning (the Quran, O Muhammad SAW) to make haste therewith.
Sahih International
Indeed, upon us is its collection [in your heart] and [to make possible] its recitation.
Muhsin Khan
It is for us to collect it and to give you (O Muhammad SAW) the ability to recite it (the Quran),
Do not move your tongue before the completion of the recitation of the Quran upon you. It is up to us to gather them and recite for you.
Then to prove his power the omnipresent God added, whatever virtue and abundance is there it is from the Almighty creator and said: you will not forget the Allahs aayat but whatever is the will of God as He is well aware of the hidden and the revealed.
Therefore the same way the omnipotent God will protect the Noble Quran, its rules and laws, the learning and education of the Islam.
The ayat:
In fact it is pointing towards the subject that indicated in the word the benevolent God is well aware of the concealed and visible facts and said: Whatever is the need of man with the help of revelation will be inspired and confirmed to you and nothing will be left.
May be it is possible that the prophet while receiving the revelation must not make haste and does not have the fear to forget it. As God, the Provider of the universe promised by the hidden and the evident facts that the prophet will not forget anything which is revealed to him by the Almighty. Thus it is the miracle of the prophet of Islam that he memorized the lengthy aayat and chapters while archangel Jibril alaihis salam read the ayaat for him only once. He did not forget a single word of it.
Then consoled the prophet and added: We enabled you to perform every virtues deed and make every task convenient for you.
In another explanation the purpose of the prophet by this statement is that: the way which you have ahead is full of difficulties and hardships both in receiving the revelations and protecting it and then in propagating the prophecy and its practice to the people. And in practicing the virtues deeds and educating them we will support you in performing them.
This words probably points out towards the contents of the invitation of the prophet and the divinely schedule too. In this religion the back breaking and hard duties and exercises do not exist.
Truly if there was not any assistance, benevolence and the encouragement from omnipresent God the success of the messenger was impossible along with all those sufferings and troubles.
The life of the messenger himself was a perfect role model in educating this fact.
Besides his clothing, food and the riding animals, facilities of life, he was not at all a strict personality. He was eating every proper food. He was wearing every kind of dress which was not disagreeable and distasteful. He was sometimes relaxing on the sleeping mattress, seldom on the carpet and occasionally on the sands of the deserts.
After describing the divine bounties of heavenly revelations to the prophet of Islam and the promise to make easier the affairs and defined his most important duty and said:
Then give them the remembrance if this reminding is useful.
Certain people defined: the meaning is that anyway, the remembrance is profitable. And those who do not achieve any gain out of it are very less. Otherwise it is at least affirming the cause of the prophet upon the deniers of Islam which itself is greatly beneficial.
Then remind it be useful or not.
It is similar to the ayat which is written in the Sura e Nahl:

Surat An-Naĥl (The Bee) -
16:81 (And among the many objects of His creation, God has appointed for you [various] means of protection: thus, He has given you in the mountains places of shelter, and has endowed you with [the ability to make] garments to protect you from heat [and cold], as well as such garments as might protect you from your [mutual] violence. In this way does He bestow the full measure of His blessings on you, so that you might surrender yourselves unto Him.
Sahih International
He who fears [Allah] will be reminded.
Soon those who have fear of the Benevolent God and feel his or her duty will accept the admonition and instruction.
The spirit of fear, in another meaning seeking the truth and accepting it, gives the man the status of piety. If it is absent in the man then he gets no benefit from the divine sermons and the preaching of the prophets. Hence in the beginning of Sura e Baqara this character is counted as the background and cause for the guidance of the pious people.
Sahih International
This is the Book about which there is no doubt, guidance for those conscious of Allah -
Muhsin Khan
This is the Book (the Quran), whereof there is no doubt, a guidance to those who are Al-Muttaqun [the pious and righteous persons who fear Allah much (abstain from all kinds of sins and evil deeds which He has forbidden) and love Allah much (perform all kinds of good deeds which He has ordained)].
Sahih International
But the wretched one will avoid it
But the most ill fated one will keep distance with it.
Here by means the enemies of the truth as the people are in three groups (1) The first group is Gnostic, learned and well aware people. (2) The second group is halted and their hearts are filled with doubts (3) The third group are the enemies. Naturally the first and second group will be benefited by the instructions of the prophet. Only the third group will not get any positive profit from the prophecy just the prophet affirms the cause and completion of the proof.
Meanwhile the ayat gives the meaning that the prophet included the third group too in his remembrance for practising the virtuous deed.
The thing to be noted is that the ayat pointed towards the fact that the basic roots of the prosperity and well being of human being is the obedience towards the duties ordered to us by the compassionate God and fearing the Almighty.
In the next ayat such a way describing the last group the same vicious person will enter the exorbitant and immense fire of hell and he or she will reside there.
Sahih International
[He] who will [enter and] burn in the greatest Fire,
Then they reside in that fire forever but such that they not live nor die there.
Sahih International
Neither dying therein nor living.
Means he or she will not die to get rid of the hell torments and the way of living which prevails there can be called a life. Instead the man is wounded and chastised between the life and death and it is the worst calamity and disaster.
What is the meaning of (the big fire)?
Some defined it the lowest division of the hell which is named Asfalusafileen
ی why it must not be like this? As they were the cruelest with their hearts full of enmity towards the God and his path and their punishment must be severe and terrible.
But some described that the fire of hell is excessive compared to the small fire of the world.
It is illustrated in the hadees or a narration by the imam Sadiq alaihis salam that the fire of hell is seventy times more than the fire of the world.
And remember the name of God the provider and offer the namaz.
Likewise the basic cause of the salvation, success, liberation and emancipation are the three things: Purification, the recitation of the name of the Almighty God and then the praying of namaz.
What is purification? There are various definitions mentioned about it.
The first and elementary purpose is to clarify the soul from the polytheism and believe in more than one God (ј).
Then purify the heart from the mischievous cheats, protect the heart and keep these rogues away from morality and to perform the virtues deeds.

Surat Ash-Shams (The Sun) -
He has succeeded who purifies it,
Indeed he succeeds who purifies his own self (i.e. obeys and performs all that Allah ordered, by following the true Faith of Islamic Monotheism and by doing righteous good deeds).
Those who are prospered, they are those who purified themselves from the evil acts and protected themselves from the excessive indulgence in the worldly pleasures.
Some defined Ҙی purification as paying the charity from the wealth according to the following ayat.
At-Tauba [9:103]

Take, [O, Muhammad], from their wealth a charity by which you purify them and cause them increase, and invoke [Allahs blessings] upon them. Indeed, your invocations are reassurance for them. And Allah is Hearing and Knowing.
Muhsin Khan
Take Sadaqah (alms) from their wealth in order to purify them and sanctify them with it, and invoke (praise)Allah for them. Verily! Your invocations are a source of security for them, and Allah is All-Hearer, All-Knower.
Take from their wealth Sadqeh Zakat(donations to aid the poor) and by its support purify and clean them up. The offering of the Zakat the share of the poor and destitute causes the cleanliness and chastity of the soul and life.
And the real cause of the diversion from the success and prosperity is mentioned: But you give priority to the life of this world.
While on the contrary the existence after the death is stable and permanent whereas the wisdom of any person never allows him to exchange his permanent commodity (the hereafter) with the temporary enjoyments that too combined with the pains and difficulties and leave all the favors of eternal bounties that too free of every harshness.
At last in the end of the Sura (chapter) it is mentioned: These commands which are told, they are not only present in this heavenly book but it is written in the other old divine books too.
In the books of the Ibrahim and Moosa
The previous ayat indicates that prophets hazrat Ibrahim and Moosa alaiahis salam too were possessing the divine books.
In a narration from Abuzar Gaffari Rahmatullah alaihi we read, he said: I asked the most honorable and generous prophet: How many prophets we have?
The prophet replied: They are one hundred and twenty four thousand in number.
I asked: How many of them were messengers ().
( Nabi can be called Rasul. Nabi receives his revelations in his dream but Rasul receives his revelation from the Archangel Jibril alaihis salam.)
The Noblest prophet replied: There were 313 messengers (rasul) and the others were only nabi (prophets).
I asked: Was hazrat Adam alaihis salam a Nabi?
The prophet replied: Yes The Almighty God himself spoke to him and created him with his own hands and then the prophet added: Oh Abuzar four of the prophets were Arabs they were hazrat Salih alaihis salam, hazrat Hood alaihis salam, hazrat Shueb alaihis salam and your prophet.
I said: Oh prophet how many books the omnipotent God had descended?
He replied: One hundred and four books.
10 divine books descended upon hazrat Adam alaihis salam.
50 divine books upon came down for hazrat Shees alaihis salam.
30 divine books upon Akhnuj whose name was Idrees alaihis salam he himself wrote with the pen.
10 heavenly books upon Ibrahim alaihis salam
The Taurat descended upon Moosa alaihis salam, Injeel descended upon Isa Masih alaihis salam Zabur upon Dawood alaihis salam and the Furqan(Quran) was brought down upon the prophet of Islam.
Why the believer sometimes violates all his wisdom and awareness contaminates him with sins and the crimes. The answer to this question is only one sentence that is the domination of the lust and the worldly desires over the character of man and the source of the authority of the lust is the love of this worldly life.
And the love of worldly life includes the desire for more wealth, status, sexual lust, to be superior, idleness, revengefulness and prefers own desires always. Likewise sometimes creates such a violent storm in a believer that it destroys all the enlightenments and illuminations in him, often erases his sense of determination and the answer to the solution. Consequently he or she prefers the worldly life over the life hereafter.
In the Islamic statements repeatedly the love for worldly pleasures are fountain head of all the sins and the crimes and it is an obvious and apparent fact which many a times we feel in our life and the others too. Hence to cut down the roots of the sins there is no other way other than abandoning the love and attachments of this world from the heart.
We have to see the worlds as a bridge, a passage, a means of crossing, or like a field. It is impossible the admirer and the adherent of the world on the cross road of reaching for the advantages of the world and the way for the attaining the consent of God,( this lover of the worldly life) is impossible to prefer the second option that is the consent of the God.
If we go through the criminal files we will come across the facts which we have mentioned above.
When we pay attention to the causes of the bloodshed, wars and killings even among the brothers and friends we can find clearly and evidently, the footsteps of the materialistic and worldly love in all of them.
We all are the children of the earth and the attachment of child to the mother is a natural phenomenon. This solution is the need of the cultural, religious and psychological education and then refinement of the real self and the soul. The foremost help which can provide for the wayfarer of the path of truth is to observe the consequences of the people who loved the worldly life.
What happened to the Pharaoh and to his powers and material capabilities? Quran (Korah) with all his treasures of wealth whose keys were been carried by many powerful men, how much he was able to take them along with himself?( to the hereafter).
We will end this lengthy discussion with the very expressive and rational narration of the Imam Ali Ibnal Husain Zainul Abedin alaihum salam: His highness replied when asked: What are the best deeds?
Why the believer sometimes violates all his wisdom and awareness contaminates him with sins and the crimes. The answer to this question is only one sentence that is the domination of the lust and the worldly desires over the character of man and the source of the authority of the lust is the love of this worldly life.
And the love of worldly life includes the desire for more wealth, status, sexual lust, to be superior, idleness, revengefulness and prefers own desires always. Likewise sometimes creates such a violent storm in a believer that it destroys all the enlightenments and illuminations in him, often erases his sense of determination and the answer to the solution. Consequently he or she prefers the worldly life over the life hereafter.
In the Islamic statements repeatedly the love for worldly pleasures are fountain head of all the sins and the crimes and it is an obvious and apparent fact which many a times we feel in our life and the others too. Hence to cut down the roots of the sins there is no other way other than abandoning the love and attachments of this world from the heart.
No deed, after getting the knowledge and enlightenment of the Almighty Allah and his prophet is predominant than the enmity with the carnal and materialistic world. Then added: For the love of life they are numerous cross ways and the sins too have the multiple cross paths. The first sin was the pride committed before God, the Lord of glory which was committed by Satan.
Then was the sin of greed and avarice which was the fountain head of omitting the pristine and original duty of Adam and Hawwa when God the great told them: From where ever you want to eat you can but do not go near the prohibited tree then you will be among the tyrants and unjust. But they went towards the thing. As mostly the man runs after the things which he doesnt need at all. (The needs often are not the source of sin but the cause of the sins are lust and the matters which are beyond the needs) and then it is jealousy which is the fountain head of the sins of the children of Adam alaihis salam where a brother got jealous of his brother and killed him.
The most troublesome of them are 1-The love of the worldly life, 2-The yearn for the woman 3-The desire for comforts, 4-The thirst for attaining status in the administration 5-The attachment for communication, 6-longing to be superior than others and 7- The hunger for the wealth. These are seven qualities which are accumulated in the adoration of the worldly life. Hence the prophets, wise and learned men advised and told us: the love of the world is the main head of all the evils and the misdeeds.
O Lord, erase the love of the world from our heart which is the root of every sin.
O God, the Provider hold our hand in the complicated and unsteady ways towards the perfection and help us to reach our goal and destination.
O Almighty God you are aware of our hidden and evident sins, forgive us by your kindness, generosity and greatness.
Amen! Oh Lord of the whole universe

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