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Blessings lifted up due to corruption

By: Ayatullah Shaheed Syed Abdul Husayn Dastaghaib Shirazi
You now understood the decision of God! Whoever works for God, He also will fulfill his affair in a nicer manner. May Allah make all of us work righteously.

"And be careful of (your duty to) Allah that mercy may be had on you (49:10)"
Come up to reform affairs and be certain that God will not destroy any place so long as the people there are reformed and righteous.

"And it did not beseem your Lord to have destroyed the towns tyrannously, while their people acted well."
If you give up improvement and reform and become corrupt, then calamities will also come, both external and internal troubles will surely arrive. Abundance will be lifted up from farmlands, so also from your animals and even from your life spans. You may not know how abundance was removed from life. Ask your elders. In olden days it was never heard that a youth of thirty died of a heart attack suddenly. At that time aged old people died in this way. Now you hear that a twenty-seven year old fainted and died at once. Thus the abundance is lifted from lives.
Even if such a heart patient survives, then what? He will not get any benefit from his weakened life. What is worse than this? Actually hearts should improve during the days and nights of holy Ramadhan. Such improvement must multiply everyday. But what is the current situation? Today so many days have passed but there is no difference from the first day! May be due to the lack of abundance.
There should have been a continuous day-to-day reformation. If two of these days are alike then it means there has been fraud, which caused the loss. Is our hearts condition today better than what it was on the first day? I do not know. You recite these days in Dua Abu Hamzah: No day passes over us wherein we get a fresh bounty from You whereas we commit a fresh sin and yet You do not take away Your bounty from us. O My Merciful Lord! When I look at my scroll of deeds I find that it is full of sins. Whenever I look into this heart of mine, which has become so bad that it is harder than a rock, darker than a moonless night, I find that it has made no progress at all since the first of Ramadhan, two-third of which has already passed away. My God! I cannot see any effect of my fasting, my early rising. O Allah! Kindly make it so that, due to the holiness of Ramadhan I may be one of the real keeper of fasts. O God! Our faces are like those who fast, we fast and we pray. O Lord! Kindly make us of those real worshippers whose chief is the Master of the Age. Please improve our affairs. Verily You have power over everything.
"The believers are but brethren, therefore make peace between your brethren and be careful of (your duty to) Allah that mercy may be had on you. (49:10)"

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