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Hijaab and its importance

By: Fatima Zabeth Beenesh
One Ethiopian female student was asked why you follow the rules of Islam such as fasting, hijaab(head cover), prayers: she answered: I am following because Allah had ordered us to follow so as a Muslim, it is our duty to follow the rules taught to us by God.

1 Why is Hijaab compulsory for the girls in Islam?
We observe how the media is ruthlessly misusing the external appearance of the woman by disrobing her. And only Allah knows, to what worst status it had reached now and how much this uncultured act will be carried on like this way.
But Islam made compulsory for the woman to cover her head and body before the na-mehram(Men excluding father, grandfather, brother, husband, son, nephew(sisters and brothers son), and uncle (mothers and fathers brothers). These points are clearly mentioned in Quran.
Hijab in every way is helpful to woman morally, socially and psychologically as it gives her protection completely. Hijab is not new to this world. There was hijab in every religion as the people changed the commands of God with time by their own choice and for their own profit they have also erased the rule of hijab as well. If we go through history we come across the rules of hijab everywhere in its own way.
A Muslim woman respects the rules and laws of the Quran and her dear prophets and follows whole heartedly the rules of hijab. For the woman who loves Quran she never feels hijab as a burden in her life and feels proud of her hijab. In Islam hijab comes under a law so it remained until today but in other religions it almost vanished as it is not under any law.

2 What are its advantages?
The advantages of hijab are:
1 The woman is closer to God rather than these selfish humans. Her appearance is for God and not for others to entertain.
2 She can lead a very simple life without any competition of dressing and showing off her jewelry. She does not make the life of her husband a hell to compel him to earn more and more to provide for her ultra mod dressings and luxuries.
3 The people observe the beauty of her character and talent and not only the beauty of her appearance.
4 The relationship with her spouse will be strengthen more as the possessive husband is sure that her wife beauty is only dedicated to him.
The disadvantaged of hijab:
1 The woman must always be alert to answer the silly questions of others who first attack her religion and mock her faith, on seeing her in hijab.
2 She is preferred secondarily for the jobs as mostly men want the women who have more cool sight in her best attire.
3 Outside the home, the men pay more attention to the women revealing her body than a woman in hijab.
4 People very boldly name a woman in hijab Ďa backward person". She goes through all the pains of hijab as she loves the rules and laws of Quran.
Which book of any religion says that backwardness of the women is in covering her body and her freedom is in exposing her parts of her body.
4 When a woman shows her body automatically the lust or the sexual desires of a man arises and he looks at her and approaches her with these intensions whereas his approach with the women in Hijaab is without any sexual approach and desires but natural respect.
3 What is the difference between Hijaabi and non Hijaabi girl (girl who does hijaab and girl who donít do hijaab)?
The non hijabi woman is one who follows the western world and their rules and regulations and makes them delighted and cheerful. They do not follow the rules of prophets and the Almighty God.
The woman in hijab follows the commands of God and his Prophet and wears the cover like bibi Fatimah alaihis salam(daughter of the Prophet). We have to follow her footsteps in observing the rules of hijab.
Is women caged in Pardah or Hijab?
In Islam woman is given the opportunity to join whichever institution of education she likes and if she prefers to earn then she is most welcome. She is allowed to manage her own business if the Muslim woman is eager to do it. If the Muslim woman enters in the field of directing and producing the movies the world will get best movies for the youngsters to guide. So the woman is never caged in pardah or Hijab in Islam. The baseless traditions of Western civilization has caged women cruelly and not the clean and neat pardah or Hijab system.
The backwardness of the women is not in covering her body and head and her freedom is not in exposing her parts of her body

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