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Tanzeemul Makatib, India

Would you please be with us for a little while to have a glimpse of dedicated efforts to promote human values in the coming generations by adorning the kids with religious education at the very initial stage - at the stage when the children are in making. It forms the basis of a much broader and all important mission of religious awakening and raligio –environ – making.
Almighty ALLAH says in the Holy Quran, "Protect yourself and your family members from flames of fire of the Hell." This multifaceted organization has been established on the basis of this commandment of ALLAH and this is its desire, motive object and goal.
Tanzeemul Makatib is an organization devoted to religious awareness & is the most powerful movement among the Shias in India for education in the last century. The organization runs (at this very time) 1017 educational units (Maktab/Schools) in 35 of the provinces of India. Over 1650 teachers including 236 pesh namaz are imparting education to 42,319 children with utmost devotion and zeal. We have our own syllabus for these schools.
The course books are published in millions by our selves beside other Islamic Books of scholarly and propagatory in nature.
The organization also runs higher religious education centers, viz. Jamea Imamia (for boys), Jamea-tuz-Zahra (for girls) and a chain of Kadijatul Kubra Madrasas (for college going girls desirous of religious education). These centers follow latest Hauza Syllabus.
Tanzeemul Makatib with its many fold services is felt among 90%of the Shia population of India and it shares all the happy moments and mishaps with community members and always tries to stand by them.
Religious educational conferences are held on district, regional and provincial level. These conferences serve as short-term training camps and are useful to all ages and all strata of society. They boost greatly educational activities and love for education in students and teachers of Maktabs also. Such a galaxy of scholars, intellectuals, poets having deep insight is possible only on the venues of these conferences. These gems of the Community gracing the occasion confer together and exchange their thoughts over the myriad problems and send message to learn and act. The boys of Maktabs present educational programs which demonstrate their devotion to the cause, their talents and academic progress and the services rendered by teachers as well. These conferences are not held at any fixed or permanent place but their venues are changed from time to time, so that more and more population of Shia can take benefit.
Red Gate Building
28 Jagat Narain Road
Lucknow - 226018
(Uttar Pradesh)

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