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The man is the best judge of himself

By: Ayatullah al-Uzma Nasir Makarim Shirazi in Tafsir Namuneh
Translated from Farsi into English by: Fatima Zabeth Beenesh

In the previous ayaat the dialogues of the deniers of judgment day ends about the resurrection day. They ask: If the judgment day is true then when it is going to happen? The ayat under discussion are the reply to their questions.
First indicating to the happenings, before the judgment day, the drastic change that occurs in the world and its entire systems get devastated and said: When the worried eye rotates with the intensity of horror and fear.


When the moon turns murky and dark and gets eclipsed.

When the sun and the moon combine together

What does it mean? The moon and the sun assemble together? The interpreters have different definitions.
Sometimes they declare: both of them locate side by side or both of them rise from the east and sets in the west.
Sometimes they said: Both of them loose their lustre and brightness and join together.
May be the moon gradually impressed with the effects of the sun and draws closer to it, finally absorbed and both the sun and the moon will become bright less.
Any way the other ayat of Noble Quran too mentioned more or less about the last revolution of the world that the moon and the sun become murky and dark.
Consequently the world sinks in the darkness and obscurity.
Like this manner with the revolutionary and enormous change the world into end. Another gigantic revolution starts(with the blow of second trumpet brings he human beings to life). And the resurrection of the man starts. On that day the man says: Where is the way to flee away?

Yea the unbelievers and the sinners who were denying the judgment day, that day they regretfully run for a shelter. Under the load of the sins and the fear of punishment seek the way to run away. Same as in the world while facing a disaster they were seeking a way to run out. They compare that world to this.
Soon it will be told to them: it is not like that, there is no shelter or a way to flee away

But the permanent shelter of all is towards the Merciful God and there is no shelter other than this.

And the other translation for this ayat is, on that day the execution of ultimate law is in the authority of Sovereign God.
Or the permanent dwelling in the hell or heaven is under the rule of God.
The stay for the trail procedure and giving accounts of deeds is before the All Powerful God.
Some believe this ayat are from among the ayat which mentions the mans excursion towards the eternal line of perfection.
Such as the ayat of Sura e Taghabun said: At-Taghabun (Loss and Gain)

The return of all is towards Him, the God the source of peace.

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