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Ahlulbait International University, Karbala, Iraq

Ahlulbait International University is the first Islamic university established where students acquire their Islamic learning through the Internet.
The university is to provide training for those interested in Islamic studies under the administration of the best Iranian, Lebanese, Egyptian, and British professors.

Our Vision
The university's visions include:
Providing the means of obtaining Islamic academic studies without the need to travel.
Providing further learning opportunities for those who have completed Lom'a Damashghia.
Utilizing the efforts of some of the best and most knowledgeable Muslim scholars from around the world.
Providing training for students to become religious scholars and experts in Islamic studies.
Terms and conditions for registering:
The applicants must meet one of the following requirements:
Have a High School degree.
Have finished Lom'a Damashghia (students having a certificate in this area only may register in divinity course).
Have passed the Ahlulbait University entrance examination.
Note: Classes will be taught in Arabic and English.
Ahlulbait University offers the following areas of learning:
School of Divinity
School of Political Science
School of Law
School of Management
School of Economics
School of Training Sciences
Enrolled students receive their resources and materials, such as pamphlets, books, and professors' lectures through the Internet. They may also discuss topics and problems with their professors via the Internet. In addition, after completing the required courses in their major, students will receive a B.A. degree.

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