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What the people need is only love sheer love and every thing comes later

By: Fatima Zabeth Beenesh
Many years back I asked Aalim Din (Religious Scholar), about what kind of people we can talk? He replied: there are the people who consume wine but they do not like that the people, to know about it and talk regarding it. They are not happy about that matter to be discussed among the people and so this is called Gheebah(backbiting).
But they are other kind of people who drink openly and they do not bother at all the people talk about. So we can reproach them verbally, we cannot sit dumb, finger crossed and just watch them helplessly and it is not called Gheebah.
To give pain to the people by our direct and indirect talk, which is very common among the masses of people men and women it is prohibited.
We must have the extreme patience to hear the grievances of the people. It is equal to the 70 years of Ibadat to visit an ailing person as that person does not only have the pain but he or she is going through the psychological problems like depression, broken heart. Just hear their sorrows make them feel light. Just tell them, make clear for that person and wipe out the complaint and sorrow from their hearts. You are the person that the Almighty God had blessed you one of His own duties that is very beautiful duty to forgive and forget the bitterness. Just hear them and wipe off their bitter feelings very sweetly. One of my cousins said to me: My wife is not well I gave a box of chocolates to her and said that this the only medicine she had to eat and get well soon.
Just reaching to depth of the people’s heart is to hear them carefully. You have to pacify his or her feeling.
We have got the habit to express what we want only and we never ask or very occasionally ask the people about their legal want. It is very easy solution. Just ask the people: My dear what is your need and what you want? I think it is better not to tell them what I want. A famous Urdu poet says: Zameen se asman tak sabr hi tarseem( draw) karna hai Dilko har qadam par sabr hi tasleem (submit towards) karna hai.
What was the last words of Doyen of Martyrs Hazrat Imam Husain(A.S.) to his sister Bibi Zainab (S.A.) in that great sorrowful and pathetic situation of the battle field of Karbala on Ashura Day "Dear sister be always firm in the presentation of patience and never loose your patience. Never curse while the cruel enemy inflicts you and your family severe agony and pain.
Firstly, what the people need is only love sheer love and every thing comes later.

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