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Elements of Kufr

By: Fatima Zabeth Beenesh
There are numerous Muslims but they have failed to follow the teachings of Islam because of their love for worldly delights and luxuries of life. These transient pleasures are the umbrella of shaitan. The life put before you is a very difficult examination.
As we are observing day and night, there are a handful of people who dare to choose for themselves the true and right path and the others just loves the glitters of the existing world and run eagerly after it, in this love they do not care to pull down any one who draws closer to them and they do not hesitate at all. Their hearts have least sympathy for anybody they live only for themselves and lost in their own dream land. The life did not prove loyal to anybody. However we are eternally sincere and faithful to this temporary living.
One of the elements of the kufr (going against Allah) is to love this world’s materialistic life. If you love this life then you are included among them (kafir). The element of kufr is Bukhl (miserliness). This miserliness in character never allows you to proceed towards the Almighty Lord. This habit only drags you towards the devilish endeavours. Another characteristics of kufr are the jealousy, forgetting the horrifying event of qiyamat (the judgment day) and never bothering for the near ones who are in pain and helpless.
Kufr is always attractive, the abode and cities of kafir, in the appearance are very much attractive to us and their food is very much tasty to our palate. Their dresses and attire catches our fantasy. It is very difficult to differentiate weather you live in the love of kufr or going at the path of Islam. Shaitan always stuck your skirt and pulls you towards him.
Being proud and self-righteous and possessing greed, the yearning for more and more of this worldly joys are the another features of kufr.
Spitefulness, (keena) and being unthankful towards the Merciful God as well as his creatures is the other sign of kufr.
Being constantly fearful to lose the worldly gains and enjoyment. The God lives in the heart where the desires for the worldly joy do not exist. To obey the passions is another net to catch you in the grip of kufr. The characteristic of kufr and shirk go neck to neck.
The most important factor among all these elements of kufr is not bothering about what is haram and what is halal.
So first of all we have to wipe out all these dirt from our character then we are able to proceed towards the true Islam else we will be rotating till the end in the merry go round of the evils. May the Great Allah bless us the right path, Ameen.

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