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When you have the Loving God with you then why you are so sad?

By: Fatima Zabeth Beenesh
First of all we have to see that what role is given to us by the God Almighty. For what purpose you are gaining the knowledge and education. If it is gained in the service of Gracious God then you will never feel regretful whatever negative or positive you achieve in this way. Else you feel get blocked after achieving some goal.
Career, spouse and marriage are attained just to gain the worldly pleasure and status and for the selfish purpose then at last you end up in tears and achieve a broken heart. If it is attained only to make the Benevolent God happy, then you proceed in your aim with the head held high and confident else the hopeless tears are finally waiting for you.
The kids are only the guest of Merciful God send at our home they are not created by us biologically. This biology is also produced by the Majestic God. After bringing them to a certain age we have to give them to the service of society, as this society belongs to the Almighty God. The Sovereign God addressed the down trodden of the society as his children. If you want to reach the great God you have to attend their needs to gain his pleasure.
At last we are only accepted by the Exalted God when we love him with all our heart and soul, dearly and whole heartedly else He will not grant us permission to enter his threshold.
To enter the dominion of the beloved we have to go through the endless trails and it is the hardest trail as done by Imam Ali (A.S.) and Imam Husain (A.S.) and our other Fourteen Masumeen(A.S.). Can we love our Beloved God like them? Are we following the same pattern?
No we are the lovers of this materialistic selfish world and constantly we end up in hopeless and heartbreaking situation.
My late beloved father Agha Husain Zabeth used to recite: Khuda dari che gam dari?
When you have the Loving God with you then why you are so sad?
In this world there always had been prevailed pain and suffering in this life, it had been never a place of peace and comfort until or unless you achieve it in your inner self. The whole universe is enclosed in our heart just we have to discover it.
Luckily the Merciful God had blessed a noble book Quran which is not similar to the other books. Every book of this planet, just explains the middle of the story but does not know the reality to explain the beginning and the end of it. They can give a detail of the middle story in their best endeavour. But the noble Quran tells you entire detail about the commencement of the world and defined you how it is going towards the closing stages too. We are never puzzled. We know quite well that from where we came into this world and how many stages we have to pass to reach the conclusive part of this life.
And the Unique God, the Holy Prophets, Awliya(saints) and pious people described us all about the human affairs and how to deal with its ups and downs. Nothing is obscure for us here by the grace of Allah. In these worldly exams you have to go through many upheavals. For bringing you to the height of the piety the Merciful God test you constantly to promote you and bestow you the elevated status and take you near him. The Benevolent God bless the believers (Momineen) the riches of patience and with the support of it they reach to the destination with heads held high.
There is a popular saying: where there is no pain there is no gain. To gain something you have to go through the pains. This is the mathematics of the worldly life. The people with the weak faith cannot reach near the Majesty of God. He wants to test the firmness of our faith by pressing us in between these complicated worldly affairs.
Please consider, how these trifle matters of life always needs such difficult examinations. Does not the eternal heaven need any test to find our capability in our faith towards the Exalted God? The Generous God bestows the heaven as the prize of our deeds. It will be never presented to us as a gift. In every field of life you always observe that the human being goes always through the hardships to reach the high status.
Thanks Allah, that this world is a short place to visit and there is another world which is permanent.
Why we admire the Holy Prophet and His Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) and follow them and remember them. Bibi Zainab (A.S.) was asked in Kufa after the event of Ashura: What did you saw in Karbala. She replied I saw only beauty and beauty there, just nothing else. For us it was pain and wounds and sorrows for them it was only beauty as our concept of beauty and pleasure is different. What is Kufr? It is to enjoy the worldly life to its utmost extent. Kufr is not a religion it is character. If we Muslim have this kind of character then we also are included in this group.
About the suffering of these worldly things: They are cruel rulers. Who caused the pathetic blood sheds for the common man. I think they came in this world because our sins created them and called them here and gave them power. Many of the suffering here are only created by our sins. If you define a fun lover, he possesses also a character of Kufr. Nothing is funny here. Quran says: laugh less cry more your stages of destination is difficult and too far. Be careful.
What Imam Husain alaihis salam advised thousand times to his companions. It is patience and patience; it was his first admonition to us at the tragic occurrence of Ashura day at Karbala. Why the people in spite of their advanced and great culture still fail bitterly as human beings so such a drastic extent as they do not believe in patience. The love of this world goes towards separation rapidly since we do not have the patience. Love is a spiritual thing and we always try to close this love in the box of materialism which is never made for it so we had failed in the dominion of love too.
Whatever before the Benevolent God counts, firstly it is our true love nothing more. Mourning and beating the chest is the sign of the remembrance of Imam Husains great unparalleled and unique sacrifice, to remind the world how the great and innocent Imam Husain (A.S.) faced the big powers of that time without possessing the manual and physical power parallel to them. He left the example for the entire world till the end of the time that how in the way to protect the truth a person can face the powerful enemy.
Our beloved Imam Husain (A.S.) fought bravely, to bring the justice to the mankind and offered a way how one has to face the injustice in this clamorous life. Even the entire successors of the Last Great Prophet were martyred in the way of Allah and truth.
We have the best example of Imam Husian (A.S.) we are lucky that we have the best Fourteen examples to draw our line of control in the life. The Holy Quran is the living eternal miracle, existing in our hands and ruling our daily life, if we leave it aside carelessly then we get the whip of the Allah and proceed towards the unequal, ill-mannered and imbalanced life. In the case of leaving this divine book we will be going to nose dive in every field of life.
Where is slavery today? Yea there is slavery today in the name of the money in the name of interest (riba). Those who pay the money of interest their life is just like the slaves. They are in chains of this neo-modern slavery, generations after generations. And at last this burden of slavery drags them towards the crime and gradually the society sets out in the clutches of the poverty. This happens when we have, the take it easy attitude with the rules and regultions of our religion. Allah will not accept a single haram equal to the weight of the mustard seed. Leave aside the bundles of haram we come under the influence of it and never bother to commit it.
Allah is not a piece of cake just enter the shop, buy it and relish it.. He is a sovereign and majestic ruler of the whole universe. To climb up the Himalaya Mountains is not an easy task to reach its heights. You have to go through the hardships and at times many reach to the doorstep of death in this mission. The followers of devil never allow you to pass these channels of love in a very easy manner, until the end of time, they try their best to discontinue you from reaching your beloved and never hesitate a moment to discourage you. Shaitan constantly blocks your way to reach your Beloved God. The greatest suffering is being away from our beloved who is only our Unique God. In the Dua Kumail, Imam Ali (A.S.) recite My God, my Lord and my Master, though I may patiently bear your punishments, how can I calmly accept being kept away from you?
Why do we have to go through poverty? Why?
Why did the Great Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) said: Al faqro faqri.

The poverty is my pride.
Because to eat the haram morsels is a disgrace but to live by earning halal morsels is a matter of pride on the day of resurrection before the judgment of Almighty. To live in poverty is not a disgrace but to live in the filth of sins and dirt of the impure and najis life is a disgrace.
Allah does not want us to suffer but to reach closer to him we are ready to bear all the sufferings.

Ghazal by Fatima Zabeth Beenesh
zindagi jab ho teri har chiz deegar bojh ho
dur ho mahbub gar dunya ye hum par bojh ho
dil talatum se bhara darya ki lahron ki tarah
aur jazeere hasraton ke dilpe aksar bojh ho
hai jahan rangeenion me ham akele rah gae
durya'n teri hamare har qadam pe bojh ho
zindagi tere lie har marhala hai ek tera
dur ho mahbub gar dunya ye hampar bojh ho
tu agar dilme ho janam dilkashi har shae me hai
bin tere har ik nazaara ashk bankar bojh ho
hai tera chahra ik isme noor ki chader lie
aina dilka mukaddar gar ho dam bhar bojh ho
dost saccha hai jo Beenesh gham me tere sath ho
chorde vo dosti jo dilpe jo yaksar bojh ho

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