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Ziarat Jamea Kabira

(An Explanatory Translation)
Imam Ali an Naqi (A.S.)
English version by
Sayyid Zainulabedin Razavi

Ziarat Jamea Kabira
This Ziarat* awarded by the tenth holy Imam of the Shi'ites Hadrat Imam Ali an-Naqi (A.S.) to Musa ibne Abdullah Nakhee at his request to teach him a comprehensive way of paying homage to any of the infallible Imams during pilgrimage in their shrines or from far away places is an excellent lesson on Imamat by the Imam himself.
Whoever recites this ziarat with love and cognizance of the divinely appointed Imams is purified from diseases of soul and body and all worries if the Imam intercedes for him. A pilgrim, who obeys the Imam, refrains from all sins and all of his good deeds which lack in perfection are accepted by Allah.
First recite the 'Kalima', then Takbir 100 times, then recite as follows:

Salutation 1:
God's blessing and peace be on you O the nobles of the house of prophethood , the resort of His messengership , the Station of ascent and descent of angels, the base of divine revelation, the mine of Beneficence , the treasurers of Knowledge (Secrets of the unseen), the zenith of forbearance , the fountainheads of munificence, the divine leaders of nations , the custodians of bounties, the elements sustaining the virtuous, the upholders of the righteous , the politicians ) following God's policy( for servants of God, the pillars of the cities, and the gateways of the true faith, the trustees of the Beneficent Allah , the descendants of His holy Prophets and of His chosen Messengers ) Adam, Noah , Abraham, Ismail, Moses,( the holy progeny of Muhammad (S.A.W.), the most beloved of the Lord of the worlds , May Allah's mercy and grace be upon you.
)*Note: Shaikh Sadooq in 'Ouyun ', Shaik Tusi in 'Tahzib', and Allamah Majlisi, in Bihar )Vol 201: p441(( has written this ziarat)

Salutation 2:
God's blessings and peace be upon the Imams of divine guidance , the leading lights in the dark , the standards of piety , the lords of sagacity, the masters of reason and intellect , the refuge for the people , the inheritors of the divine prophets , the noblest models , the outcome of the good supplication of Prophet Abraham (A.S.), the trusted authorities of Allah for people of the world here, and in the hereafter , and for the previous generations ; May Allah's mercy and grace be upon you

Salutation 3:
God's blessings and peace be upon the centres of cognizance of Allah, the homes of Allah's bounties, the treasures of Allah's wisdom, the guardians of Allah's secrets, the bearers of Allah's book to explain and demonstrate it practically : the Quran Personified. The successors of Allah's holy prophet, the progeny of Allah's messenger , may Allah's blessings be upon him and his descendants as well as Allah's mercy and grace.

Salutation 4:
God's blessings and peace be upon the summoners towards Allah, the guides for winning Allah's gratification, the steadfast in abiding by Allah's order , the topmost in the love of Allah , the sincere believers with all certainty in Oneness of Allah without a trace of doubt.
The explainers of Allah's command and His prohibition the dignified servants of Allah, those who never precede Him in speech and always act in accordance with His command, May Allah's mercy and grace be upon you

Salutation 5:
Gods blessings and peace be upon the Imams inviting towards Allah, the rightly guiding leaders, the masters of all their lovers, the vigilant defenders of their supporters, the constant reciters of Allah's words and statements of Quran (Ayaat), the divine commanding authorities, the persisting protected signs of Allah up to Imam Mahdi (A.S.) His best creation, His chosen faction, His confided treasure of Secret knowledge His justified convincing authorities. His way (Sirat) in this world to avoid slipping on the Sirat in the next world, His light expelling all doubts.
His living convincing proofs. May Allah's mercy and grace be upon you.

Heartfelt Witness:
I witness that there is no god except Allah. He is one without any partner , exactly as Allah has attested for Himself ; the angels , the learned and the wise from His creation have all testified to His oneness; There is no god but He , the Almighty , the Wise ; and I bear witness that Muhammad is His distinguished servant , and His favoured Messenger , God sent him with divine guidance and the finalized religion of truth to establish it firmly over all religions ) viz , man - made and deviated religions( although polytheists may detest it.
I witness that you are the rightly guiding Imams, the divinely directing, the Sinless, the honorable, the close to God, the truthful, the distinguished, the obedient to Allah, the upholders of His commands, the followers of His intention, acting upon His will, the victorious by His grace, Victoriously sustaining the true Islam even by their sacrifice and sufferings, under all trying circumstances maintaining their freedom to oppose evil and tyranny.
God exalted you with His sacred Education , selected you for revelation of His hidden Presence , picked you for confiding His secret, glorified you by His Might , made you venerable by His guidance, distinguished you with His reasons, preferred you for His holy Light, helped you with His holy spirit , and was pleased to appoint you as Imams and successors to Prophethood on His entire earth and as divine authorities for His Creatures , supporters of His religion , guardians of His secret name, treasurers of His entrusted knowledge, trustees of His endowed wisdom, the recommended interpreters of His revelations (the Holy Qur'an), the supports of His unique Oneness, the eyewitnesses upon His creations, the signs of His obedient servants and the luminous minarets of His cities and the authentic guides to His way. Allah safeguarded you against all fallibilities and protected you against cunning plots (for extinction of Imams) and kept you pure and free from all uncleanliness and expelled passion and pollution away from you and purified you to the utmost degree of purification, you therefore respected His greatness, honoured His grandeur, glorified His magnanimity , perpetuated His invocation, confirmed His Covenant , strengthened the pledge for His obedience , and advised people secretly and openly to obey Him, and invited to His way with wisdom and attractive sermons.
You sacrificed your lives attaining His goodwill, and endured patiently whatever befell you in His cause. and you established the 'Salat' and paid Zakat and you commanded the right and virtue, and prohibited the evil and vice, the good and evil as decreed by God , not people and you fought wars for Allah as worthy of divine war , until you manifested His message of divine war and explained its obligations and established its limits as decreed by Him and spread the rules and regulations of His final religion extensively, and followed and exemplified its divine ways, rites, and rituals attaining His gratification , you submitted yourselves to His divine Will and you testified the authenticity of His past messengers.
Hence one who is inclined against you is a wretched outcast, and one who is attached to you in service is united with you, and one who is guilty of diminishing your right and status is doomed. The Truth is with you, within you, from you, and in your direction; you are masters of truth and a mine of Truth itself. The heritage of prophethood is with you. People will finally comeback towards you, and to you is assigned their final judgment. Yours is the final verdict that separates Truth from falsehood. The Ayaat (Signs) of Allah are with you. His intentions and resolutions are within you. His leading light and proofs and reasons are with you. His word and command is directed through you. One who regards you as his commander and master has really regarded Allah as his master, and one who is hostile towards you is really hostile towards Allah . One who adores you has really adored Allah, One who hates you has really hated Allah, and one who grasps you has in fact grasped Allah.
You are the most firm and secure way Sirat in this world and you are witnesses in this temporal abode and intercessors in the eternal abode, you are the perpetual source of divine mercy for the believers, and the treasured Ayat of Allah and the guarded trust, and the door and criterion for the test and trial of people . One who approaches accepts you are saved, and he who does not come to you is doomed. You invite mankind towards Allah, and guide them towards Him with reason. In Allah you have perfect faith and to Him alone you submit yourselves, you act upon His commands, and lead towards His divine path and you judge and command according to His word. Blessed is he who adores you and doomed is he who opposes you with enmity.
Deprived and disappointed is he who rejects you, astray is he who quits you, triumphant is he who holds you fast, secure is he who seeks refuge in you, safe and sound is he who upholds your authenticity, rightly guided is he who is attached to you. One who follows you, Paradise is his abode; one who opposes you hell is his destination. One who rejects you is an infidel (Kafir), One who fights against you is a polytheist (Mushrik), and one who refutes your status shall be in the lowest inferno in hell.
I witness that this was your precedence in the past and it shall persist for you in future for ever, and that your souls, your lights and your nature were one, same for all Imams each one as pure and immaculate as the other.
Allah created you as light and kept you encircling around His throne until He favoured us with your divine presence; Hence He inhabited you in houses which Allah permitted to be exalted, wherein His name be glorified; and regarded our Salawat on you and what distinguished us with love for you through our Salawat, as a means of refining our nature, purifying our souls cleansing ourselves, and atoning for our sins. So we were near Him true recognizers of your superiority, and renowned for our true recognition of your authority and status. Then Allah made you attain the noblest position of the blessed ones, and the loftiest status of the closest ones, and the most exalted ranks of the divine messengers, the place, which no pursuer can find access to , and no seeker of superiority can surpass , and no over taker can take precedence and no ambitious one can covet to reach, so much so, that there remains no close angel , no deputed prophet, no embodiment of truth , no martyr , no learned scholar, no ignoramus , no mean fellow , no accomplished master, no pious believer , no corrupt sinner , no stubborn oppressor , no defiant devil nor any other creature amidst them as a witness except that God has made known to them the greatness of your task , the majesty of your authority , the grandeur of your dignity , the perfectness of your guiding light , the authenticity of your ranks , permanence of your positions , eminence of your places and status near God , and your esteem and exclusiveness near Him , and closeness of your station to Him.
May my father , my mother , my family,my property and my kith and kin be sacrificed in your cause . I hold Allah as witness and l hold you to testify that l believe in you and every thing that you believe in and I renounce the conduct of your enemies and whatsoever you renounce. I fully comprehend your glorious status, and deviation and fallacy of your foes. I befriend you as well as those who befriend you; I hate your enemies and turn away from them. I am peaceful with those who are at peace with you. I am at war with those who wage war against you. I confirm whatever you confirm as true, I refute as evil whatever you refute. I am obedient to you , I am aware of your rights , I acknowledge your excellence , I am the bearer and conveyor of your knowledge , I am safely covered under your protection and care , I recognise you as Imam, I believe in your coming back , I testify your return minor resurrection prior to major resurrection, I await your command , I anticipate your divine kingdom.
I uphold your word and execute your orders and seek shelter with you. I visit you as a pilgrim seeking peace of mind and health and refuge in your shrines, imploring you to intercede with the Mighty and Majestic Allah, seeking close access to Him through you by first wishing God's blessings on Muhammad (S.A.W.) and his holy progeny advancing you in preference prior to supplicating for my own needs, and necessities and wishes under all conditions and in all my affairs. I believe in your secret and your manifest knowledge, in your present and your hidden Imam Mahdi (A.S.). I believe in the first and the last of you (Imam Mahdi). I entrust myself to you in all these affairs and surrender to you in these for judgment and my heart submits to you with full belief and my opinion is subject to yours.
My aid and assistance for you is always ready, until the time when Allah the Almighty shall revive His religion through you and reestablish you in the era of His divine kingdom , and to manifest His justice He shall make you appear (Imam Mahdi) appears first and provide you with power and potentialities for final victory of Right over evil Might on this earth. So I am with you and you alone , and not with anyone else , I believe in you and I love and obey the last ( Mahdi ) of you as much as I loved and obeyed the first of you. I flee towards the Mighty and Majestic Allah from your enemies, false deities, evil powers and satanic devils and their parties who were oppressive towards you , the rejecters of your rights , the deserters of your divine authority , the usurpers of your heritage , the doubters of your status , the deviators from your right path , and from all friends who are against you , and from all rulers except you , and from sham Imams, i.e., leaders who invite towards the fire of hell . So, as long as I live , may Allah always keep me steadfast in my attachment to you and in my love for you and your religion, and may He favour me with success in obedience to you and provide me with your intercession and place me amongst the best of your associates , the followers of that to which you have invited , and place me amongst those who regard your exemplary life as living model to follow and who tread on your footprints , and are safely guided by your guidance , and are resurrected to gather in your group and troops, and return to attack with you during your Raj'at (minor resurrection) and possess responsible positions in your government , and are blessed with your safety and security and possess power and authority during the days of your glory and whose eyes would shine with delight at your sight tomorrow .
May my father , my mother , myself , my family and my property be sacrificed in your cause. One who desires to know Allah must approach you to begin with, and one who regards Him as Single and Unique accepts it from you. One whose aim is Allah must pay heed to you. My masters! It is not possible for me to appraise your praise, nor can I reach the heart of your praiseworthiness nor describe your excellence .You are lights of the virtuous and guides of the righteous, and proven authorities of the Almighty God. Allah has begun creation with you your light and with you Allah will end and finalise every thing. Because of you He dropped down the gentle rain and because of you He withholds the heaven from collapsing on earth due to sin and tyranny by His divine sanction. Because of you He makes anxiety vanish, and misfortunes fade away. You possess all that was brought down by Allah's messengers, and all that angels descended with. And to your grand ancestor say: cousin brother in case of Ziarat of Imam Ali (A.S.) Muhammad (S.A.W.) was sent the trusted spirit Gabriel. Allah has bestowed on you that, which He has never bestowed on anyone else in the universe. All nobles bowed down honouring your nobility, and all the arrogant recognised you as worthy of obedience and all powerful tyrants became humble and meek before your excellence. Everything became obedient and humble before you. The earth gets illuminated with your light; the victorious attain victory by virtue of your love. By following you, one really steps on the heavenly way leading to God's gratification, and those who renounce your love and authority confront the wrath of the Beneficent God.
May my father , my mother, myself , my family and my property be sacrificed in your cause . Your remembrance is ever fresh amongst the thoughtful , your names glitter amongst the best names , your bodies are honoured amongst sacred bodies , your souls are amongst the holy inspired souls , your spiritual bodies are amongst the peaceful blessed spirits closest to God, your memoirs are amongst the eternal exquisite memoirs , your graves are the heart of shrines by The mosques. Well, how sweet are your names! How exalted your spirits! How great your glory! How sublime your personality! How well fulfilled your covenant! How true your promise! your speech is light dispelling darkness and doubts your command is uprightness, your advice is piety , your actions are all virtuous , and your habit is benevolence , your nature and disposition is munificence . Your dignity is equity, veracity and clemency. Your word speech is firm and decisive, your opinion, counsel comprises sagacity, forbearance and prudence. Wherever excellence is mentioned you are its origin, its root, its branch, its treasure, its abode, its zenith and culmination.
May my father, my mother and myself be sacrificed in your cause , How am I to define the elegance of your praise for God and reckon your charming trials? Through you, Allah released us from disgrace and relieved us from the agonies of distress, and rescued us from the edge of fatal precipice and from the hell fire.
My father , my mother and myself be sacrificed for you , Through your love Allah taught us principles and details of our religion and amended what had degraded in our worldly affairs , and through your love ,[Imam Ali to Mahdi (A.S.)] the Kalima [La ilaha illal lah , Muhammadan Rasool Allah, Ali an Wali Allah] attained completion, through your love, God's blessings become bounteous , separation or division ends in loving union . Through your love , the compulsory religious duties are accepted and awarded,for you adoration is obligatory ; the high ranks , the Praised Position, the known station close to the Mighty and Majestic Allah are for you , as well as dignified status , and great eminence , and irrejectable and acceptable intercession. O our Sustainer, Our Lord We believe in what Thou hast sent down , and obey the Messenger , hence register us amongst true witnesses . O The Sustainer of our body and soul! let not our hearts go astray after Thou hast guided us , and bestow upon us mercy from Thee. Undoubtedly, Thou art the best Bestower.
Glory to our God! When there is a promise from our God it will certainly be fulfilled.
O the holy guardian from Allah! there are some sins and transgressions between me and the Mighty , Majestic Allah which cannot be effaced unless you agree to intercede, hence , for the sake of God who entrusted you with His secrets , and authorised you to supervise affairs of His creatures and regarded obedience to you as close to His obedience , May you plead forgiveness for my sins , since you are my intercessors as I am truly obedient to you . One who obeys you has obeyed Allah, and one who disobeys you has really disobeyed Allah, and one who loves you has truly loved Allah, and one who hates you has really hated Allah .
O my God ! had I found intercessors closer to you than Muhammad (S.A.W.) and his Ahle Bayt and the righteous Imams (A.S.) I would have made them my intercessors, therefore for the sake of their right which Thou hast made incumbent upon Thyself, I beseech Thee to place me in the group of those who have cognizance of the divine Imams [Ali to Mahdi (A.S.) and who recognise their Rights and in the category of those blessed by their intercession. Verily Thou art the utmost Merciful of the merciful, and may the blessings of Allah be upon Muhammad (S.A.W.) and his immaculate progeny and peace (Salam) in abundance ; sufficient for us is Allah, the All Sufficing and He is the Most Reliable Protector.
After completion of ziarat, say two rakat prayers and present it as your gift to Imam and seek intercession of Imam to supplicate to God to grant your wishes.
Imam Mahdi (A.S.) has reminded this ziarat thrice Jameah! Jameah! Jameah! For recitation by all his lovers and followers as mentioned by Haji Nuri in Najm- us Saqeb, p 243.

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