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Attaining the spiritual bliss and delight

Translated from Farsi into English by: Fatima Zabeth Beenesh
A person asked Ayatullah Bahjat, the great illuminated saint: ”What is the recitation of a sacred recital”. Hazrat Ayatollah Bahjath replied: “There is no recitation greater than the practical recital. The practical recital is to abstain from the sins in the way of beliefs and the practices. It is evident that abstaining from the sins absolutely is impossible without the constant protection and evaluation of the soul.
Then he requested Ayatullah: “Kindly preach us”. Ayatollah Bahjat, stated: “I say Alif”. He replied “What is the other one? Ayatollah Bahjat said: “Nothing. If someone is in home, this one word is enough. Many times I said and once again I am telling: “The one who knows that he is remembering the Merciful God then the Benevolent God is his companion and he do not need any sermons, he knows what to do and what not to do. He is quite well aware and he knows what he had to practise upon and what he does not know he must be deeply careful”.
Those who need preaching and recitation they must get well conscious with the sayings of this lofty spiritual eminent Ayatullah, who has explained what is the best preaching and recitation and those who follow it will attain the spiritual bliss and delight.

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