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Allama Syed Zeeshan Haider Jawadi, the Great Alim from India

By: Hasnain A. Hussain
Schopenhauer has classified scholars and authors into three divisions i.e. falling stars, planets and fixed stars. The first have a momentary effect; the second a much longer duration; and the third are unchangeable, possessing their own light, and shine for all time. In my considered opinion, the famous Islamic Scholar Late Allama Syed Zeeshan Haider Rizvi, popularly known as Allama Jawadi, by virtue of his knowledge, dedication and thirst to excel in learning and propagating the principles of Islam, deserves to be placed in the third category of the Scholars as defined by Schopenhauer.
Unique and unrivalled as his life was, he got the universal applause and recognition wherever he went. This great Islamic scholar of this millennium left for his heavenly abode on 15th April 2000 on the day of 10th Muharram, 1421 as per the Islamic Calendar in Abu Dhabi. A point to be noted is that his last day is the same as the day of martyrdom of grandson of our Holy Prophet popularly known as Youm-e-Aashoora.
He spent a life dedicated to the cause of learning Islamic knowledge and by dint of hard work and labor, he translated more than 100 original works from Arabic and Persian into Urdu for the general understanding of the masses. This was also supplemented by his original works of paramount importance which were translating Holy Quran, Nahjul Balaga, Mafatihul Jinnah and Sahifa-e-Sajjadia, thereby creating a wide readership in his native language and a distinguish reference library for all those who follows.
He was gifted with a natural oratory power spell bounding a crowd of thousands when he spoke. He was a frequent traveler spending most of his time visiting various places and people from all continents mourn his death. He shone as a star from his birthplace which was Allahbad, India and left a shining trail of light and wisdom which will remain in the minds of all those who benefited from him.
He spent a long time of 23 years as Imam of Masjid-e-Rasool-e-Azam mosque in Abu Dhabi, inculcating true Islamic values and the basic essence of Islam in the mind of his followers, teaching them right from wrong. People with less inclination towards the religion became regular followers, those who had no education started describing the meanings of the rules of Islam, all because of his sincere and dedicated effort.
He remained a leader of all Muslim unity and in his sermons always called the Muslim masses to unite and work for the benefit of the mankind. His last ten speeches were on Tauheed that is the oneness of the God Almighty and he portrayed a true picture of the important principle of Islam.
His other work of exceptional merit is his natural gift of composing Islamic poetic collection of religious poetry, which were published in the names of Salam-e-Kaleem, Kalam-e-Kaleem, Soz-o-Salam etc. It was Voltaire who defined poetry as the "music of soul; and above all, of great and feeling souls". Beyond doubt, the poetry of Allama Jawadi is not only the poetry of soul but of feeling souls too. One, who is unfortunately, not gifted with a feeling soul, cannot understand his poetry, let alone its appreciation.
He was an unbounded sea of knowledge for us who were mere drops in front of him, but due his valuable guidance, paved a way for drops to merge into the ocean. His vast study, coupled with his rich and consummate experience, had definitely made his personality prominent. He was gifted with a rich imagination but he was never soaring and ethereal. He was always realistic and down-to-earth in his attitude.
He had his views about things that were developed from the teachings of Islam, Holy Prophet and his progeny. These views were not existing in vacuum; they were always supported by cogent and convincing arguments and also by his actions. Indeed very few have his depth of vision and insight.
He was heading an organization of more than 900 madressas in the name of Tanzeem-ul-Makatib, teaching Holy Quran and basic religion to children of the community. He recently started a religious school Hoza-e-Ilmia Anwarul Uloom in Allahabad, India for young scholars near his last resting place.
Allama Jawadi was not a name of an individual but of an organization. Many ingredients blended his personality. He was a preacher by profession, a poet by choice, an imam of masjid by necessity and a lover of learning by hobby. To me, the name will always smell as sweet as a rose. He was indeed a happy blend of many attributes.
The word "impossible" did not existed in his dictionary. Bold and intrepid, magnanimous and generous, thoughtful and rationalistic, dreamy and visionary, Allama Jawadi reached the crescendo in his plans and then suddenly makes a disappearance this week to leave us all thinking.
It is an irreparable loss for all of us here and we pray to God Almighty for him.

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